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Discover Land of Gamers: game harder for longer

(This is an article from one of our community members who like us is passionate about growing gaming in South Africa - Editor)

Hello my fellow video Gaming buddies

This article is here to say howzit as a company and as the founder of Land of Gamers. I'm not the best guy on the block when it comes down to writing a good article so forgive me if I am blunt or to the point. As always throughout my days of writing articles I welcome comments and suggestions I am still learning the ways of the Business world.


I am the founder of a Gaming/technology organisation called Land of Gamers. We are a start up company that has been around for 4 long years trying our best to provide video gamers such as yourselves a means to game harder and a lot longer. Think of us a a company that will try it's best to look out for the best deals and the coolest things you want right here in our lovely country. A place where a video gamer can call home, where we always seek the best way to provide you with meaningful information on games, software and hardware.

This is in short what my company wishes to achieve as well as many other cool things we wish to implement in South Africa to show the world that we can game harder than them.

So we have had some falling outs with some projects that we had in the past, those where some of the things we wanted to try do and in the end will end up doing in the future. As for now we have re-opened our online store that allows Gamers to purchase Steam and Origin games from us as a digital product which can be redeemed through those platforms. Our prices are updated weekly and is 100% safe as all transaction are handled with our payment system (Payfast).

We are limited in what we can do now with what we have but we would like Gamers to know that when each purchase is made through the store we become more eligible to provide more discounts on our products or future products we might have. Each purchase makes it more possible for us to release a long time dream for the company and that is our Online video Gaming mag that focuses on not only international but local video games (Indie Market). More meaningful information is provided to the gamer through our online mag and allows the gamers to share their thoughts on each game we look at.

Land of Gamers or LoG is working along side "Slingshot Games" another great company that helps indie video designers in South Africa with marketing their games as well as funding. We work also along side Writers guild South Africa that helps screen writers and people in the film industry in getting their scripts or future best sellers out onto the market.

This is a true video gaming company and this is the place where we want you to be able to enjoy what you love doing so much.
We can do it together let's show the world that we are here.

Check us out here: Website | Facebook

Please note that the opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not MWEB Connect (Pty) Ltd

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