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Xbox One's renewed reputation system

The Xbox Live system is expected to be completely reworked in attempts to make the next gen experience even more dynamic. One of those new system changes involves the renewed reputation system that Microsoft will be implementing with the Xbox One. The change will see Xbox Live do away with the simple five star system to make room for a new system that will progressively track players behaviors and place them to tact communities accordingly.

Major Nelson briefly touched on the new reputation service last month, stating that players will be separated into 3 broad groups of "Good Player", "Need improvement", or "Avoid Me" that will be based on community feedback with functions such as "block" or "mute" actions. 


In a new interview with the UK's Official Xbox Magazine, Microsoft Senior Product Manager, Mike Lavin, discussed the renewed reputation system in more detail. One of the main topics was the party chat system, which will still be available as a standard option for cross game chat between users of the system. Lavin, however, stated that there as several issues regarding the current party chat system, " the problem we see is that this fragments voice communication within games. It's very difficult, because if you're isolated in Party Chat, you're leaving everybody else behind." Microsoft wants everybody to communicate, ideally, and "in order to do that, you need a community of folks that aren't screaming vulgarities every ten seconds, or the griefers or the harassers, those types of folks." 

What Microsoft is aiming to do is completely rework the system to match players of the same or similar reputations with one another on a public level without interfering with personal communication. This means that your personal and party chat conversations wont be open to scrutiny, it is only communication and in-game attitude that will be up for review when it comes to your overall reputation. 

When it comes to earning reputation, players will be able to do so by  engaging with Microsoft's community programs, such as Xbox Live Rewards. "Reputation is just like Achievements - you want your Reputation score as high as you can get it. There may even be opportunities where if you participate in some of our community programmes, your reputation can even get higher."

On the flip side of the coin players will receive drastic negative reputation by blatantly disrespecting others. This ranges from in-game communication to directly sending people pictures of you private parts. Things of that nature will have the ability to quickly reduce you Reputation score. One thing to note is that a drastic decrease in your reputation can only be done by actions on your account, meaning that players cannot sabotage you by ganging up members to send false reports. 

There are further kinks in the system that still need to be worked out by the crew over at Microsoft, like how the reputation score will be displayed to others. Lavin also stated that thy will be looking at more examples of how they can better the separation of good players from bad. Either way it is good to see that Microsoft are going to be moving away from their current setup which seems laughable at times. 

What do you think of the reworked reputation system? On a side note I would love to hear what your current reputation on Xbox Live is, please comment below to let us know! 

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