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Black Ops 2 GiB Pro-Am Super 8 this Saturday

This weekend the MWEB GameZone Ladders for the Black Ops 2 GiB Pro-Am matches play out on Saturday 6 July.

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The GiB (Gamers In Beta) program is an initiative by the MWEB Gamezone team to help improve the quality of the South African competitive scene by introducing ‘training officers’ from the top eight finishing teams in the Autumn Mad Catz (PS3) and Razer (Xbox 360) Ladders, to eight teams that finished outside of the top eight and who are keen to learn and improve their game.

While the round robin phase of the program was not without its teething issues, the teams and their respective coaches must be applauded for putting in the time and effort and the support and enthusiasm shown is a sign of great things to come from the South African eSports community.

After (almost) seven matches each, the teams finished in the following positions in the ladder. Three teams tied in second place and they were placed based on the number of rounds won.

  1. Liquid Gaming | Trainers: L3G10N_K41 & IoN Ganniicus
  2. Hi 5 Sigma | Trainer: HoldenZA
  3. 21cT Deathwalkers | Trainers: VnCo FBi23 & VnCo Swarley
  4. Corrupt Minions | Trainers: F34R J4K3Z & F34R TH33VO
  5. SYFG | Trainers: Itz eRaa & Damage A3
  6. Orion Gaming | Trainers: XtaZ Ph0bia & XtaZ Eos
  7. RA5 (Aimbots) | Trainers: D13MAV3R1CK & XtaZ KBG
  8. Crazy Arabians | Trainers: F34R H3RO Caldenbartlett & F34R ZELA

The eight teams will play each other on Saturday 6 July from 15h00, and the matches will be hosted from MWEB’s Mcave and select matches will be streamed live via MWEB and Twitch. If you’re really good, you may even hear the soothing voice of Holden ZA.

The teams will also play this portion of the program without the help of their coaches and will need to put into practice all the tips and information that they have received in the last few weeks.

Quarter Finals:
15h00 – Liquid Gaming vs Crazy Arabians
15h00 – Corrupt Minions vs SYFG
15h00 - 21cT Deathwalkers vs Orion Gaming
15h00 – Hi 5 Sigma vs RA5

Semi Finals:
16h00 – Game 1
16h00 – Game 2

17h00 – 3rd and 4th Playoff
17h00 - Final

Good luck to the teams, and another big shout out to all who got involved in the program. Thank you.

We would love to hear the thoughts of those that participated in the program to find out what they thought worked or didn’t work, and what they feel can be done to improve the program. Please feel free to comment on the MWEB Gamezone Forums, or if you feel more comfortable talking privately, drop Zombie Dredd an email at

A number of issues have been noted already and will be implemented both in future GiB programs and even ladder events.

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