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Low violence Saints Row 4 available in Australia


Last week, I wrote an article about the censorship of videogames, wherein I discussed the example of Saints Row 4, which was denied an age rating by the Australian Classifications Board. The Board felt that the game contained content that “…was above and beyond the highest rating a game can get in the country - R18+”. This “content” consisted of an in-game weapon, specifically “alien anal probe…designed to penetrate the anus of enemy characters and civilians.”

Now, in an interesting development, a “low violence” version of the game has been sighted on the Steam Network according to Kotaku Australia. However; I, among others, cannot find the listing for this edition of the game so it’s possible that it has either been removed or is localised content for Australians only.


Although Saint’s Row publisher, Deep Silver has taken a “no comment” stance regarding this discovery, the company has stated that Volition is making the necessary changes to the game so that it can be sold in Australia. In a statement made to, the publisher said that they were “reworking some of the code” in order to remove “content that could cause offence”; namely the anal probe.

It’s still not entirely clear if or what other changes have been made to the game.

I suppose that although the Australian public are still being babied by their Classifications Board, at least it appears that the game is no longer banned in the country. Partial censorship is still silly in my opinion, but at least it’s an improvement from total and complete.

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