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Black Ops 2 Tips & Tricks: Capture the Flag

It is time again for some brand new Tips and Tricks for Black Ops 2. Today we will be talking about the best ways to take on one of my favorite game modes, capture the flag (CTF).

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Capture the flag is an extremely fun game mode that relies on a huge amount of team work and map knowledge. We have seen ctf become a staple in the competitive Call of Duty community thanks to the high intensity of matches that allows for great spectating value. With Ctf there are a couple of key concepts that we will be covering to today. If you find yourself getting lost at any point, please refer to a previous article where we cover the basic jargons used in Black Ops 2. 

In today's lesson we will be covering the basic principles of ctf with the parameters of  the teams being at the competitive standard of 4 players on each team and 5 seconds respawn time. 

Kicking things off we have the basic map features that are the standard for a Capture the Flag map: 

  • The flags are positioned on opposite sides of the map 
  • Teams are allocated an initial spawn location that is near the flag that they are defending.
  • Teams are required to capture the opposition flag, and return it to their base flag to score a point
  • Additional spawns are allocated according on either side of the flag, according to your team positions as well as oppositions position. 

Basic Team Structure: 

In capture the flag, you will have certain roles that the players in your team will need to make use of to get the best performance possible. 

The Flag Runner/ Objective Player:  

  • This player will be the one who picks up the flag and will try return it to your team flag. This player must have an understanding of the best running route to your flag, which we will cover shortly. 
  • Usually in Capture the flag you will have two possible flag runners that will have classes which allow them the greatest speed.
  • Best perks for the flag runner in ctf are extreme conditioning, lightweight and tactical mask.


Covering players/ Slayers:

  • These players will essentially clear the route for you flag runner and will be responsible for keeping the spawns in your teams favor. 
  • Will be responsible for keeping the count of the opposition players 
  • These players need to shut down the angles that leave your flag runner exposed 
  • Traditionally these players will use assault rifles and, on occasion, trophy systems to cover the team

Best running route

Running routes in Capture the flag are usually depicted between three main routes: 

Best Side Route: 

  • This route has the most cover from the opposition gunfire
  • Allows for the safest capture route from the opposition flag to your base. 
  • Has a very good spawn allocation that allows for better defense or offensive flag captures

Middle Route:

  • Traditionally the fastest running path to capture point
  • Most risky route
  • Most exposed route, very difficult for covering/slaying players to defend. 

Bad Side Route

  • This route has less cover than the 'best side route' 
  • Spawns are usually located in 'uncomfortable'  areas of the map 
  • This route still can be used but requires more team synergy and also requires the covering/slayer players to rotate out of cover in many situation.

Spawning in CTF 

Spawn allocation in Capture the Flag usually occurs on either side of the flag. When spawns are allocated by the game, in capture the flag, the game will attempt to give you the available spawn location nearest to your flag. This means that, according to personal preference, you will like to have the spawn that is on the side of the 'best side route'. 

This means that your players will need to have players in the general vicinity of that spawn to acquire that location on that map. Successfully moving up on this spawn area toward the enemies flag will allow you and your team mates to cancel out the spawn of the opposition. This means that you should have a basic understanding that the opposition players will spawn on the left or right of the flag, depending on which side your coming from. 

For example: If your team is attacking the right hand side of the opposition flag, your team should receive the spawn on the left hand side of your flag and the opposition flag will recieve the spawn allocated on the left hand side of their flag. 

This is a very basic run down of spawn allocation but should provide you with the basic of how the system works. 

Keeping Count in CTF

You would think that keeping the count of the amount of flag captures would be the most important number, however, it is rather keeping the count of the players that are alive or dead that is even more vital. Due to the respawn time being set to 5 seconds, players are essentially out of the game for a short period when they get killed. Thus keeping count of the players alive/dead should be regarded as the most decisive element in deciding whether you attack the opposition flag or defend your own. 

Usually if you have the numerical advantage you will attack the opposition flag and if you have less players alive than the opposition you will rotate to a more defensive position. This will also allow you to depict whether or not you will run the flag through the middle or the side route. Traditionally when 3 or 4 players have been taken out from the opposition team, you will be safe to run the flag directly through the fastest route. 

That will conclude the Tips and Tricks for today, I hope that you found these suggestions useful and that your can take your game to the next level. 

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If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please write to us by commenting below or hitting us up on Facebook or Twitter. 

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