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Apple to pay angry parents for "accidental" DLC mixup


In February this year, Apple agreed to pay a large financial settlement to the parents of children who had “accidentally” bought in-app purchases in kids’ games for iOS. The company has now followed through on the agreement and created a webpage that will allow these parents to apply for and claim compensation.

Games like Angry Birds made angry parents when they discovered that their young children had been able to buy-in game items without a password for the first fifteen minutes after downloading the app – in some cases amounting to content worth hundreds of dollars.

The dedicated website allows parents to claim either a $5 iTunes store credit or iTunes credit equal to the amount of money spent on in-app purchases made within a 45 day period. If your claim is more than $30 or if you no longer own an active iTunes account you will be able to claim a cash refund, which in my opinion is far better, because who wants music when you can have money?

The kicker is that parents will have to be able to prove they did not authorise the in-app expenditure.

It appears that the list one can claim against includes hundreds of games.

I’m a bit sceptical of Apple’s motivation here, because it’s pretty easy to say “accident” when you have already amassed a bunch of money, most of which you’re probably not going to have to return. Nonetheless, I suppose this is better than nothing.

 Source: Gamasutra

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