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Project Spark: Jumpstart your imagination


One of the best things about this year's E3 was the wide variety of games on offer, as can be seen in the comprehensive list we put together last week and completed yesterday (see here & here). This year there was more at E3 than just brown/grey shooters, with a number of diverse and innovative games on show. One of the most impressive games to come out of E3 2013 for me, was the Xbox One exclusive title, Project Spark.

If Microsoft's buzz on the game is to be believed, then Project Spark is a game about making games. The live demo that the company showed off was brief, but terribly compelling and made use of a number of Xbox One's new user interface tools, from straight up voice controls, to clever Smart Glass integration. During the live demo, members of the dev team, quickly built a up a pretty detailed game environment using voice controls and then refined it further using Smart Glass. They then showed how the level they built could then be shared online, where it was later tweaked even further by other members of Xbox Live into a epic combat scene. Inventive stuff that.

With the game still a ways off, it will be quite a while before anyone will be able to truly test the limits of Project Spark, but for those that don't have the patience to wait, Microsoft is taking sign-ups for a Beta. Project Spark could well end up being one of the most revolutionary games to come out in a while and if you're interested in being a part of that you can sign up for it here. Check out the E3 demo below to see what you're in for.

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