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Thief to be released for current gen in 2014


Fans of the Thief series of games will be pleased to know that the next sequel will be coming to current generation consoles. Eidos Montreal announced yesterday that they will be releasing Thief for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 as well as for "high end" PCs. As a bonus the current generation version will be shipped at the same time as the next-gen versions. 

The same team behind the next-gen game will be developing for current platforms. Gameplay at the core will not be affected. Graphically and sound will obviously be better for the higher spec platforms. According to Stephane Roy, the graphical quality will be "very high" and that all systems will be taken fully advantage off. Roy was asked if there would be a next-gen as well as current-gen Dog and the answer is yes, there will be current-gen Dogs as well.

The reboot, as shown off at E3 will feature the protagonist and master thief Garrett in a newly written storyline. According to Eidos Montreal, the game will be true to the experience of the original Thief games and will feature a "hardcore" mode which allows players to turn off any assists and explore the world while experiencing the new game. 

While comments were made that the E3 gameplay demo felt a little too much like Dishonored, one has to remember that Dishonored was inspired by Looking Glass games of old and that newer elements built into dishonored will naturally be used in the new game.

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