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Review: Roccat Kova+ Gaming Mouse

I was a little sceptical about the Roccat Kova+ Gaming Mouse until I gave it a go over the course of a week, and have been pleasantly surprised during its tenure on my desk. All in all, a great mouse and an ideal companion to any gamer, bringing along all the good things I’ve come to expect from the Roccat product line thus far.


Some readers have raised concerns about the length of my reviews, so I’m going to alter the format a bit – provide the TL;DR up front and my waxing lyrical afterwards for those who want to know.


Technical Specifications

• 3200dpi optical gaming sensor
• 130 inches per second maximum speed
• 30Gs of acceleration
• 1000Hz polling rate
• 16-bit Data Channel
• 2m USB cable


Looks ***
Value ****
Durability *****
Usability *****

Overall Rating: 4/5 stars

1. Ambidextrous
2. More buttons because its ambidextrous!
3. Rubbery Goodness where it needs to be
4. Long Cord


1. Smaller size causes prinky cramps with extended use (my hands are big)
1. Non-braided cord

Usage of the Roccat Kova+ Gaming Mouse

Considering this mouse is very similar to the Roccat Kone series of mice, I’m going to be drawing a lot of comparisons between them and the Kova+. Right from the start, the Roccat Kova+ mouse shares many of the features of its siblings: Rubbery goodness, lights, and overall a smooth ride.

The sensor that makes this mouse all possible is the Pro-Optic R2 Sensor, with a maximum fidelity of 3200 DPI. Unlike the Pro-Optic R3 Sensor from the Kone series, this sensor doesn’t support tracking and distance control, but it didn’t deter me in the slightest, since I had replaced my old mousepad with the Roccat Taito 3mm king-size (read: monster size) mousepad reviewed elsewhere. I didn’t have the need to pick up the mouse since more than my normal mouse working space is now COVERED IN GLORIOUS MOUSEPAD GOODNESS!
One specific feature that makes this mouse stand out is that it is ambidextrous. Driver-level control allows one to make the switch there, and all button assignments will correctly mirror to the new configuration. The nice thing about this mouse’s particular design is that the side buttons’… buttons are a little harder to actuate than comparable to other products, where my pinkie and ring fingers would always press them and (usually) bad things would happen at the most inopportune times. Luckily this doesn’t happen with this mouse.

Like I stated earlier, the mouse is mostly covered in that rubbery goodness called “Soft-Touch”, that mysterious PVC-like substance which makes the mouse usage such a pleasure.

Easy-Shift+ is built into this mouse, allowing the doubling-up of functions that each mouse button can execute, with an absolute maximum of 17 different functions, discounting the actual Easy-Shift+ button itself. Macro recording is along for the ride here as well, allowing one to create and associate a macro with any button as required. Sadly, this mouse doesn’t include Roccat Talk functionality, which I’ve come to like over the last couple of weeks while using the Kone XTD paired up with the Isku keyboard I still have on my desk. Still, it doesn’t really detract from the mouse’s overall usage.

Yup, them buttons!

Drivers for the Roccat Kova+

As I’ve been working with other mice in the Roccat series, the drivers subsystem for this mouse offers little difference versus its compatriots – all the features you’d come to expect from Roccat are here – Speed control, sensitivity, lighting, macro recording, profiling, button assignment, voice prompting when things change (DPI, profile, etc). Nothing specifically new to report here. It’s all here, and it works like expected. I’m not going to go into too much detail here, you can find a description of how the drivers work for the Kone series of mice in my review of them – this mouse’s drivers work in much the same way, with obvious differences to lighting and the ambidextrous switch settings.

Yup, its all there - it all works - If only I could say this about my car :(


If you’re looking for a tip-top gaming mouse and/or are left-handed, then this is a mouse which should not evade your attention. Reasonably well-priced, plenty of buttons to configure and customize, this is a little gem of a control system.

My two primary niggles about this mouse are really minor cosmetic issues, rather than being a deal-breaking: I wish the mouse were a bit bigger overall, as my pinky is trying to find a place to rest when not pushing buttons - the mouse is a bit too small for me. That’s purely personal and specific to me. The other little niggle I have is that the chord isn’t braided like the other mice in the series, but then again, even if the braiding doesn’t really help with memory, it’d still be nice. Other than that – tip top gear and highly recommended for any gamer!


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