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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft new features


Combining card gaming with video gaming has always been an odd synergy for me. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, might just be the game that will change my mind. It incorporates the best of both worlds with strategy, iconic characters and engaging storytelling. Even better news is that the game is free-to-play for PC, Mac and iPad.

Blizzard recently announced the following new features for Hearthstone.

Explore the world of Hearthstone with Quests: Immerse yourself in new, ever-changing quests that you can complete to acquire valuable Gold. New Quests await you every day!

Gold is Hearthstone’s new currency: Use your hard-earned Gold to purchase more packs of cards to complete your collection. Gold can also be used to gain entry into The Forge!

Leveling system: Have a favorite class? Level them up to new heights to gain basic and Golden basic cards the more you play. Gain experience for any game you play, win or lose - you’ll gain additional experience for a well-fought victory.

Battle your friends: Want to challenge your friends to a friendly fireside duel? You can now add them to your friends list and challenge them to a game. Talk about Hearthstone strategy as well with our added friends chat feature!

Updated card frames: We’ve added some lovely new card frames that make each class more visually distinctive at first (and second!) glance.

If you’ve not yet seen the cinematic trailer for hearthstone, then take a look.

Game Overview

Blizzard Entertainment's Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a free-to-play strategy card game for Windows, Macintosh, and iPad. Designed to be deceptively simple and epically engaging for players of all backgrounds, Hearthstone features quick and lively duels that evoke the spirit of a friendly match played beside a crackling tavern fire. Each player's card deck centers around a hero representing one of nine iconic Warcraft classes, customized with a set of minions, spells, and/or weapons based on individual strategy and available cards. Players will be able to hone their skills in practice matches against the computer, and when they're ready for the challenge, they can take on their friends and other players in friendly duels. To further develop their decks, players will be able to acquire cards by crafting them and by winning or purchasing new card packs. With hundreds of unique cards to choose from, the potential card combinations and possible strategies are endless!

You can sign up for the beta here.


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