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E3: Bungie reveals their Destiny

The initial reveal for Halo creators Bungie's new game, Destiny, was sort of an anti-reveal when it happened in February. Whatever misgivings might have come about thanks to that abortion are completely forgiven now that we've gotten a solid look at this innovative title. On the surface, the game offers the appearance of sci-fi shooter - which it is - but it's also way more than that.


Destiny is what Bungie is calling a shared world shooter and with the gameplay demo currently showing at E3 2013, what the genre actually is has become a lot more clear. The demo opened with a player character meeting up with a partner and engaging in a bit of two-player co-op as the pair go exploring in an abandoned fortress. The combat looked solid and the visuals are unsurprisingly topnotch. Once the pair took down what appeared to be a mid-boss range character, they exited fortress appearing in large open area and it's at this point that the shared world aspect comes into play.


As Joe Staten, Design Director and Lead Writer for the game explained in an interview with Rev3Game's Adam Sessler, every level in Destiny has Public Areas and when enough players have converged into or near to such an area a Public Event can be triggered, effectively drawing you from your campaign missions into a multiplayer game. In the case of the E3 demo, three separate squads were drawn from their campaigns to combat a Devil Walker, a large amoured mech that is way too powerful for a single fireteam to take down.

The seem-less integration of this system is what makes Destiny such an intriguing title, as the game will blur the lines between single, co-op and multiplayer gaming. If the the entirety of Destiny plays as well as the E3 demo, then  Bungie may have successfully abolished the concept of single player and multiplayer modes.

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