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In terms of sheer weight of content, Sony's E3 Conference came off a lot lighter than Microsoft's. There was less wow-factor in terms of games shown and a much smaller selection of exclusives. But we did get some very important info. Firstly, the actual console was finally revealed. It's practically the anti-ps3, it terms of it's looks. Secondly, it will sell for $399 (R4 000), significantly lower than the Xbox One's $499 (R5 000) pricepoint.

But the real highlight of the conference was the news in the two videos below:

That's right! With the PS4 you can buy, sell, trade and lend games as you please; games can be played offline without a restrictive online check-in every 24 hours and it also doesn't have to contend with Xbox One's Kinect 2 privacy issues. PS4 will also have access to services like Netflix, so it stands on an even footing with the Xbox One in terms of additive services. Looked at that way, getting a PS4 seems like a slam dunk.

The conference wasn't without some bad news, though. PlayStation Plus will now be a requirement to play online multiplayer games, as is the case currently with Xbox Live Gold. Having said that, PlayStation Plus has proved to be a higher value service over the last year, offering subscribers a number of free, quality and recent games as part of their subscription. Current PlayStation Plus subscriptions will carry over to the PS4 and the system's launch title, DriveClub will be available for download immediatly.

The rest of the conference addressed the PS3 and Vita, though nothing of real consequence was noted; basically forthcoming games like GTA5, Batman: Arkham Origins and Beyond: Two Souls were touted, with their accompanying exclusive DLC packages detailed.

After that, it was on to the PS4 games library:

The Order: 1886

Under development from Ready at Dawn, the team that put our the PSP versions of God of War, The Order: 1886 looks to be a steampunk action-adventure game with a very Dishonored vibe going on. In all likelihood the plot will revolve around a secret society fighting monsters. I think we can all agree on that one. Oh and its an exclusive.


We've seen Knack before, but the latest trailer offered up a lot more gameplay and revealed a smidgen of the game's plot as well. Knack appears to be a robot or golem designed to aid humanity against a goblin menace. Gameplay echoes games like Jak & Daxter, though Knack is able to alter his mass and elemental make-up, most like conferring different powers and abilities. This exclusive launch title could be one to keep an eye on.

inFamous: Second Son

A longer story-centric trailer for inFamous: Second Son showed off some of the games story elements, primarily the interplay between the new lead character and his older brother. Gameplay seems to be sticking to what we saw in the first two games, though electrical powers have been swapped for fire-based one. In practice, it doesn't appear to have changed much. Former lead character, Cole McGrath, was nowhere to be seen.

Killzone: Shadowfall

Another PS4 launch title, Killzone: Shadowfall made a brief appearance. All the new trailer revealed was that the player character is accompanied in combat with a seemingly autonomous flying drone, that has both offensive and defensive capabilities. How much it will actually impact on gameplay remains to be seen.

The Dark Sorcerer

From Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls developer comes The Dark Sorcerer. Though whether it's an actual game or just a tech demo remains to be seen, since Quantic Dream has penchant for throwing out proof of concept tech demos ahead of actual games, which then end up having little to do with demos.

Final Fantasy XV

Bad news: Final Fantasy XIII Versus has been scrapped. Good News: Not really, it's just morphed into Final Fantasy XV. The trailer is typical Final Fantasy, meaning it's really good looking people waxing philosophical in Japanese, then kicking ass, while an epic orchestral soundtrack with chanting ensues. Lets hope it's less linear than FFXIII was.

Mad Max

I think we can all figure this one out. All I'll say is: Geez, Max, you could have used a knife.

Kingdom Hearts 3

It's another Kingdom Hearts everybody. The showing was incredibly brief, but chances are the game will simply expand on what came before. Here's hoping they throw some Star Wars and Marvel characters into the mix this time.

And that's pretty much it. Now it's just up to Nintendo to let us know what they're offering and we can get this eight console generation going in full swing.

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