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We all love to look back on the "good ol' days". So here's a chance to go back about 18 months to when Modern Warfare 3 was the flavour of the month and scorestreaks was still nothing more than a made up word.

Serial Thriller - in association with MWEB GameZone and yours truly (Zombiegamer) - are bringing back the nostalgic good ol' days with a Modern Warfare 3 tournament on Xbox 360.


Get your four man team registered and get ready for the call. Prepare to do your duty. Your duty in this case is to battle your opponents until you come out the winner in the 'Flashpoint Tournament'.

The tournament will be a round robin into a single elimination 'Super 8' tournament to decide the winners. You can view the ruleset here.

Registration is open now until 16 June, with the matches kicking off from 17 June. Each team will need to play the other teams once over a four week period (tournament round robin closes at midnight on 15 July), at which point the top eight will play each other in a 'Super 8' knockout tournament on a date to be finalised.

Up for grabs for the teams is clan branded clothing items sponsored by MWEB Gamezone and Microsoft Points sponsored by Zombiegamer.


1st Place: Hoodie with clan logo on the front, player name on the back x 4
2nd Place: T-Shirt with clan logo on the front, player name on the back x 4
3rd Place: 800MS Points x 4

hoodies layout.jpg  T-shirt Layout.jpg

Sample Hoodie and Shirt

Keep the feedback coming

We encourage all of our participants to send us feedback on the site in an effort to turn this the best possible experience for you the gamer. Make sure to post on the forum should you encounter any problems or if you are have any suggestions, hey, even post if you're liking the new addition to MWEB GameZone! 

Here is a full link to the site:

Guides to the ladder team creation process:

  1. How to create a team <- We recommend that your team captain does this!
  2. How to invite players to your team

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