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The weeks since Microsoft's Xbox One reveal has been a frustrating time for the Redmond based company and gamers alike. It's been nothing but a slew of controversy and the company looked to be reeling from the popular response. With Microsoft now having concluded their E3 Conference has the company come off painted in a better light?

Not really, Microsoft decided to keep the focus strictly on games, so all the issues that has had gamers up in arms these last three weeks has gone completely unanswered. The only new info is that there is a new model Xbox 360 and it's available in the States as we speak. Also of interest is that Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be receiving two free games per month for the duration of their membership. That's pretty sweet. Other than that, Microsoft revealed that Xbox One will retail for $499 (R5000) and will be able this November in 21 territories.

But seeing as Microsoft wanted the focus on the games and that's probably the main reason you clicked this article link anyway, lets get straight to it then.

Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid 5 was the first game shown off, which means the series PlayStation loyalty looks to have come to an end. The game is now a vast open world experience. The scenes shown off featured Big Boss mounting a stealth rescue of Kaz Miller and I gotta say, it looked damned awesome. It's difficult to describe how badass it all was, without just saying it's Badass.

World of Tanks


 The global hit on the PC is making its way to the Xbox 360 and it looks pretty nice. Like the original, the game is a competitive multiplayer game with gamers slamming tanks at each. It's a simple concept simply executed and its free. Doesn't get much better than that.

Max: The Cure of Brotherhood  

This could be fun. Max: The Cure of Brotherhood is an Xbox 360 XBLA title, that's reminiscent of a 16-bit style platformer. It didn't look particular original, but like I said, it could be fun.

Dark Souls II

 Namco Bandai showed off a new trailer for Dark Souls II on Xbox 360. The trailer didn't really show anything new about the game, but if nothing else, its new visual building blocks look appropriately dark and brooding.

Ryse: Son of Rome

This isn't the Kinect 2 first-person brawler we've seen before. Visually, this game looks like God of War: Roman Edition by way of COD spectacle. The game looks to be a third-person slasher, with some really interesting combat and infantry mechanics. It's difficult to get a full idea of exactly how the game will play in practice, but it looks like a combination of God of War and Batman combat systems, with a heavy QTE twist. The game will be an Xbox One launch title and will be exclusive to the system.

Killer Instinct III
There wasn't much to show here aside from the fact that the game is coming and that its an exclusive. A brief bout was played between two of the game's developers, which doubled as a way to show off the Xbox One's video upload features as well. Even with its brief showing, the announcement got a lot of whooping and cheering.

Sunset Overdrive

From the guys that brought us Ratchet and Clank, Resistance and, yes, Fuse to, comes Sunset Overdrive. Insomniac's Ted Price described the game as an open world shooter and the accompanying reveal video showed off a game with looks incredibly chaotic. Is it good? This one will have to be a wait and see.

Forza Motorsport 5

In a sentence: Its a better looking Forza. That sums up pretty much all there is to say on the game. Well that and the Drivatar system that replaces the usual AI systems used for driving games. Powered by the cloud, the Drivatar will learn from your driving style and that info can then be uploaded to your friends on Xbox Live meaning they will theoretically be racing against you even when you aren't playing. Goodbye rubberband AI? Sounds like it.

Digital legos are coming to Xbox One. This isn't really much of surprise. The game has been trading places with COD as the most played game on Xbox Live for months now, so it was only natural that there'd a port.

Quantum Break
Remedy gave up some of the skinny on Quantum Break, the first original IP revealed for Xbox One back at the system's original reveal. If you were wondering why the trailer opened with the live action video, it because Quantum Break will be an interplay between a TV show and a video game. Player actions will impact how the TV show plays out. But get this, the TV show will be a unique to each gamer. That's right, the show you watch will be different than the one your friends watch. Could be interesting. Also, its exclusive to Xbox One as well.

A brief 30 second teaser for D4, uh, teased the game. It was so brief, though, that aside from the title, there's no telling what the game is actually about. If I were to guess, the game is probably the latest in the D horror series of video games. Japanese devevloper SWERY is running the show, which makes that assumption more likely.

Project Spark

This may well be the most interesting game shown off. Project Spark's is a game about making games. It's sort of world building god-game that takes full of advantage of Smart Glass and Kinect's voice control. Project Spark will literally build a world with your words and then using Smart Glass you can refine the game further and share it with friends who can either play it or refine to their own tastes. If Project Spark works as shown, then this is possibly the most innovative game ever made.

Crimson Dragon
Another exclusive. From the producer of the Panzer Dragoon series comes Crimson Dragon. The trailer showed off some brief gameplay and it looks to be a throwback to the fantasy combat flight simulators that we haven't seen in a long time.

Dead Rising III

It looks like the video game fascination with zombies isn't even close to coming to an end, instead, it's just getting bigger. Dead Rising III takes the series open world, with vehicles now being a big part of navigating the world. As before, the game allow for crafting of tools and weapons, which can now be done at any time, without the need for workbench or special tools. Unlike the previous game, though, Dead Rising III looks like it will be taking a more realistic view on surviving in the zombie apocalypse. The tone seems darker, oppressively so, and survival looks to be a number one priority. Also, it's exclusive to Xbox One.

Witcher III: Wild Hunt 

Geralt of Rivia is back, bigger and badder than ever. The game will follow in the footsteps of it prequels, meaning it will feature the series signature mature and non-linear storylines. The key difference is that this time the game will have a open world and on Xbox One will make use of voice command for weapon switching and spellcasting.

Battlefield 4

We knew about this one already, since a reveal trailer was shown a few weeks ago. At E3, Dice performed a live demo of the game, that really showed of the Frostbite 3 engine. The only way to the describe the playthrough is to call to call it a massive chaotic mess, but in a good way. It starts with a firefight that starts in a small tightly corridored area. As the action pushes on it becomes clear that your player character is aboard a ship of some kind. That assumption is then made abundantly clear when a huge explosion rips the ship in half exposing the player to the open air. It's quiet a ride. Thing is, as awesome as it looks, it still seems like EA is trying to out COD Activision and I'm not sure that's the right path to take. Who knows, maybe forth times a charm.


Another exclusive for the system. Like D4, Below's reveal was just way to brief to get a sense of what the game is about. It's an indie title and under development by the creator of Superbrother: Swords and Sworcery EP. The game has a interesting look, but other than that, who knows.

Unamed game from new MS studio Black Tusk 

No idea what this game could be, but apparently the sliver of video shown was in-engine. The game looked to be a Splinter Cell like affair, but again, the video was so brief, it's really difficult to tell.


This is what could possibly be described as the teasiest of teaser trailers. The trailer starts off with a robed man walking in a desert. The look of the whole thing smacks of a fantasy setting, until a giant mech - and I mean giant - bursts out of the ground blowing the man's hood clear, revealing none other than Master Chief. A title card appears, which interestingly simply reads out Halo. Obviously, its an Xbox One exclusive and is scheduled to debut in 2014.

The founding and former members of Infinity Ward, now known as Respawn Entertainment debuted their new sci-fi shooter for Xbox One as an exclusive title. The studio did a live demo of the game and I can't lie, it looks freaking fantastic. The game appears to be a story based multiplayer shooter, with jetpacked based parkour and mechs. Yes really.

The are a number of interesting games on offer here, but until the Xbox One's other issue's are addressed, their isn't enough to convince me to go out and get one. Also R5000 for a new game console isn't helping either.

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