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The Xbox One Controller new features

Microsoft has revealed that the Xbox One controller will be able to receive powered charging by plugging into a micro USB slot to preserve battery life. 


Using the micro USB on the controller will cause the pads wireless radio to turn off and send information via the cable instead. This was revealed to us from a blog post from Microsoft, whom are still sticking to their guns behind their decision to use traditional batteries to power the controller. Microsoft seem to be pushing the battery life to its limit by introducing a new low power state mode to the controller. The low power state will allow players to pick up and play, after sessions of being idle, without having to reconnect the controller to the Xbox. 

Another new feature to the latest Xbox controller is the addition of invisible reflective technology and LEDs that pair with the controller with the console. This will allow the controller to pair with the Kinect as well as give a better sense of where exactly you are in the room. The pairing of the Kinect and the controller has been one of the main focus's of the design team behind the controller. The controller will allow players to integrate the use of the Kinect and the controller simultaneously and the experience is set to be more dynamic than it was on the Xbox 360. 

There also has been a large concentration on the audio functions of the Xbox One controller. Microsoft stated: "The data transfer rate between the controller and console has been improved, allowing for higher fidelity audio in communication headsets. In-game chat over Xbox Live, according to the team, will be in many cases clearer than talking on a phone." 


The last concern to be reached is that of all previous purchases of Xbox 360 peripherals, and if they will be able to function on the Xbox One. With relation to controllers, from brands such as Scuff, Razer and Mad Catz, (in my personal opinion) the answer is no. Your old controller will not work with the latest Xbox, due to the number of features that the new Xbox One controller already has integrated, and the fact that it would be taking a step back to try accommodate these controllers. 

What do you think about the new Xbox One controller? 

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