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Top Tuesday: 5 great iOS games for 2013


I don't normally identify as a fan boy of anything, but I'll concede that in the battle between Android and iOS, I fall firmly in the Android camp. It's not that I think Android is so supremely better than iOS, it's more a case of I just really, really hate Apple Fans. I'm not going to dwell on why that is, as a technologically minded group I'm sure you GameZone readers know both sides of that divide well enough.

I'll give them Apple Eaters this, though, the iPhone has some fantastic games going for it and since we did a Best of Android last week, in the spirit of fairness we have to do a best of iOS. So here we go.

Cordy 2
Cost on App Store - Free

If you can't decide between the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the iPad, then Cordy 2 may just be the app to sway you. Cordy 2 is a beautiful recreation of the awesomeness that was the 16-bit platformer, perfectly designed to fit the mobile platform. The game is the best parts of Mario and Sonic - jumpy like the Italian, speedy like the spiny mammal - and awesome like both.

The game is a classic platformer, so you'll collect lots and lots of dohickeys, jumps on baddies heads and move from left to right. It's pretty typical, but it's done with a load of class and polish and it's just awesome. That's three awesomes for Cordy 2, so you know its good.

Ridiculous Fishing - A Tale of Redemption
Cost on App Store - $2.99

It's fishing. On an iPhone. That doesn't sound particularly exciting, but it borrows from the Gran Turismo school of  'action, reward, repeat action' style of play. So it's catch fish, sell fish, use money to buy better stuff so you can catch more fish. So simple.

Now I know that still doesn't sound exciting, and really that's because it isn't. But what it is, is compelling and charming in that way that only indie developed mobile games can seem to manage. Go catch a fish; you know you want to.

Real Racing 3
Cost on App Store - Free

We put Real Racing 3 on our Best of Android list as well, and with good reason. Real Racing 3 is an incredible achievement for mobile systems and is easily the equal of the Gran Turismos and Forzas of the world. In a nutshell it is those games, just in a smaller package. It's just a pity that Electronics Arts has hamstrung the goodness that is this game with a ridiculously stupid in-app purchase model, that effectively amounts to placing cash barriers between you and actually playing the game.

So its a testament to how good the game is that even with that problematic system, the game is still worth burning bandwidth to get.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rooftop Run
Cost on App Store - $1.99

Thanks to Temple Run, the endless running game, is a now a bonafide genre on its own. I would go so far as to say the endless run game could be to mobile systems what the platformer was to the 16-bit consoles and what the FPS is to the current gen. It's the signature game of the platform. 

With that said, this kind of game is a dime a dozen, but I'm going to recommend Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rooftop Run, because I'm quite partial to the current incarnation of the Turtles. Also, it is just really good. You should totally go buy it,

Fester Mudd: Curse of the Gold - Episode 1
Cost on App Store - $0.99 (on sale at time of writing)

Fester Mudd, is the kind of game I'm surprised we don't see more of on touch enabled devices, the point-and-click style adventures of the distant past. The game does a pretty solid job of emulating the art style, synth-like music, humour and general atmosphere from the heyday of the genre with the interface getting a minor tweak for touchscreens.

Where Fester Mudd differs from the oldies is that it discards the weirdo-logic puzzles of old in favour of more logically sound ones that won't require tons of trial and error or a gamefaq to complete.

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