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Black Ops 2 Tips and Tricks: Tactical Equipment

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We are back with Tips & Tricks for Black Ops 2 to improve your chances on the battlefield. This week we will be discussing the use of tactical equipment in order to give you a better understanding of exactly how you can get the best out of your pick 10 system. So prepare to holster those weapons and unpin the grenade to an informational flood.

Tactical equipment has taken a much bigger role with Black Ops 2, in comparison to previous titles. Now players have a selection of 9 different types of tactical equipment that all have a wide range of features and uses. Today we will be discussing all 9 pieces as I believe that every single tactical has a huge role to play in determining the outcome of matches in Black Ops 2



"Slows movement, disorients targets, and temporarily disables enemy equipment and turrets."

The concussion grenade has had a place in almost all of the Call of Duty titles, and for good reason. The concussion grenade allows you to temporarily slow an oppositions movement  as well as cause some minor damage. One of the biggest advantages of the concussion grenade is that when it strikes an opposition you will receive a hit-marker on your screen. This allows you to know that an opposition player is in the radius of the grenade that has been thrown. 

Best Uses: 

  • Search and Destroy: to get early detection of opposition movement. This will allow  you and your team to know what direction the opposition is coming from. 
  • Capture the Flag: To slow down the flag runner, thus leaving the player more vulnerable to incoming team mates. 

Smoke Grenade


"Produces a smoke screen immediately upon impact"

The smoke grenade is a powerful tool in the arsenal of a Black Ops 2 player, as it is the piece of tactical equipment that has a huge variety of uses. These can be effectively used for attacking or defending and really come down to player preference. Smoke grenades can render a player completely 'invisible' to the opposition in some cases, lets take a look.

Best Uses:

  • In combination with coldblooded and a dual band scope (Which allows you to see players through smoke if they are not using coldblooded themselves) the smoke will render your character practically invisible to opposition. This will allow you to get the first shot on your opponent. Try this on SnD to prevent the opposition getting an early rush towards the bomb site.
  • Block off sentry guns: If the smoke grenade is used correctly, you can use it to in front of an oppositions sentry gun to block its view. This will allow you to push the area that the sentry gun is covering.
  • Hardpoint: The smoke grenade can be used offensively and defensively on hardpoint. Offensively, it can be used to block the line of sight of the opposition. This will allow your team to get closer to the opposition and shut their positions down. Defensively it can be used when your at a disadvantage in the Hardpoint. When you're the only remaining player in the hardpoint and you need to contest, you can use the smoke grenade to hide from the opposition. 

Sensor Grenade 


"Detects enemy soldiers within line of sight"

The sensor grenade is brand new to the Call of Duty series, once thrown it will detect the opposition within the area and indicated them on your mini-map for a short time before exploding. 

Best Uses: 

  • The sensor grenade is best used in search & destroy as it allows you to locate exactly where an opposition player is, which is particularly useful in this mode as positioning plays a huge role in determining the outcome of rounds played.

EMP Grenade


"Disables enemy electronic systems"

The description of the EMP grenade doesn't justify exactly how powerful this piece of equipment is. The EMP grenade is the most powerful grenade in the game. This is due to the fact that it allows for such a huge variety of uses. The grenade explodes upon impact, thus it acts in a similar fashion to the concussion grenade. This allows for it to have some very special uses.

Best Uses: 

  • The EMP grenade has the same ability to detect opposition as the concussion grenade, meaning that in search and destroy it allows you to get early detection of opposition movement. This will allow you and your team to know what direction the opposition is coming from. 
  • The EMP grenade also causes a players personal (HUD and scorestreaks) equipment to be temporarily disabled. This means that a players will not be able to see where his team mates are or where the opposition fire is coming from. The players scorestreaks will also be temporarily disabled, meaning that a player will not be able to use their streaks for a small duration of time. 
  • An EMP grenade can also be used to shut down opposition scorestreaks such as the sentrygun, AGR, Guardian and RC-XD. 

Shock Charge 

shock charge.jpg 

"Electrocutes and stuns nearby enemies" 

The shock charge is another new addition to the Black Ops 2 series and has one very unique use. The sock charge can be stuck to any surface in Black Ops 2. This allows it to be used in several interesting ways.

Best Uses:

  • Early detection on opposition movement: the shock charge can be used as 'traps' to detect where an opposing player is coming from. This allows you to hold down a position without having to constantly watch your flank, as the shock charge will do that for you.
  • Search and Destroy: If positioned correctly, the shock charge can be used to detect if the opposition is planting the bomb. 

Black Hat

Black Hat.jpg 

"Hack equipment and care packages, or disable enemy vehicles"

Black Hat is a very interesting addition to Black Ops 2, as it brings with it a very unique uses to stop the opposition in their tracks. Essentially a point and click tool, Black Hat allows you to take out opposition equipment from a safe distance. 

Best Uses:

  • Black Hat is best used in combination with the perk 'Engineer', as the perk will allow you to see opposition equipment through walls. This will allow you to disable the equipment using Black Hat and potentially even steal the oppositions care package......sneaky sneaky.



"Blinds targets, impair hearing, and temporarily disables enemy equipment and turrets."

The flashbang grenade is also one of the grenades that have had a long standing in the history of the Call of Duty series. The flashbang has a set time of when it explodes of +/- 1.8 seconds. Once the grenade explodes it causes players to be blinded in the area, the closer the player to the explosion the more severe the blinding effect has. The flashbang also causes a slight 'deafening'  to the player, thus disabling the ability for the player to hear opposition movement. 

Best Uses: 

  • Search and Destroy: To rush opposition in an open area, the flash should cause the opposition player to be blinded for a second or more, thus allowing you to clear them up before they regain vision. 

Trophy System

Trophey System.jpg 

"Destroys incoming enemy projectiles within 10 meters. Vehicle missiles have a chance to penetrate"

The trophy system was introduced to the Call of Duty series in Modern Warfare 3. The trophy system essentially allows players to be protected for incoming grenades. The trophy system can be used to counter opponents in several ways: 

Best Uses:  

  • Search and Destroy: Use to prevent early exposure from incoming grenades, this will allow you to gain better map control and allow you to push into particularly vulnerable areas.
  • Hardpoint: The trophy system is particularly useful is hardpoint as it allows you to protect your anchoring player, as well as the players within the hardpoint itself. 
  • Alternative to Flak Jacket and Tactical Mask: Since the trophy system counters grenades, there will be no need to use flak jacket and tactical mask which is a great 2 for 1 exchange on your pick 10 system. 

Tactical Insertion 

Tac insert.jpg

"Drop-zone beacon that allows you to place your next spawn point."

I will save my best tip/trick for last. Do not use this if you plan on making friends. 

Best Uses:

  • To annoy the opposition. 

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That concludes the Tips 'n Tricks for tactical equipment, if you have any comments or suggestions please don't feel shy to drop us a comment below or on one of the following twitter or Facebook pages. Till next time soldiers!!

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