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Mechwarrior Online to use Crytek 3 Engine

The guys over at Piranha Games and Crytek GmbH have announced that the upcoming Mechwarrior Online will be using the Crystek 3 Engine. For those who may have missed it, Mechwarrior Online is Piranha Games' new F2P MMO based on the Battletech universe, which will include characters and 'Mechs getting experience points, C-Bills and recognition along the way.

Qouting from the article, “Here at Crytek we are incredibly proud that Piranha Games have selected CryENGINE®3 to power their forthcoming Mechwarrior Online game,” says Carl Jones, Director of Global Business Development CryENGINE. “2012 will see a new segment in the games industry – as free-to-play games will step up to offer true AAA quality to gamers. Both Piranha and Crytek believe in the potential of this market and we look forward to helping them achieve their vision for an amazing game experience. With our own game, Warface and more than 20 of our current CryENGINE licensees also working on AAA quality, free-to-play games, CryENGINE is becoming the technology of choice for the highest quality online games.”

Mechwarrior Online is slated for release sometime in 2012.

 If you cannot wait that long, why not pick up a copy of Crysis: Warhead (the standalone expansion to the original Crysis) and download Mechwarrior: Living Legends? A total conversion for Crysis Warhead which will allow you to control Battlemechs of all sizes from the tiny clan Toad combat suits to the mighty Altas and Daishi mechs. Gameplay features the classics such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag and more. Were you a fan of Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries? Remember the Solaris commentator, Duncan Fisher? They got more of him in the Solaris challenges! Crysis Warhead should still be available at local retailers in the bargin bin section

Want MORE MECHWARRIOR WHILE YOU WAIT??!! Remember that you can download Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries from! Its free, includes all the addons, and features further improvements that the original, is awesome, a great use of your old Logitech Wingman joystick, and... FREE!!

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