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Gearbox wins Homeworld rights


I didn’t know this because I am terrible, but apparently there is a Real Time Strategy game called Homeworld that enjoys a pretty large following and many gamers are all a-fluster because game publishers Gearbox have just won the rights to it in an online bidding war.


This doesn’t necessarily sound like a bad thing, when we consider that this company developed Borderlands. It does sound like a bad thing when we consider that Gearbox also brought us Aliens: Colonial Marines. Not being much of a strategy gamer myself (I’m far too stupid for that), I haven’t played it myself; but I’ve watched my brother play a few times and I can tell you that it’s kind of like a crappy, unnecessarily complicated version of Chess. And this is why the Internet is up in arms; because they are terrified that Gearbox is going to ruin Homeworld for everyone.

For those of you who, like me, need a little background on the game; describes it thusly:

Relic's Homeworld was a unique, fully 3D RTS that broke the mould of the traditional Command & Conquer clone. As the commander of a colony ship transporting your race to their newly discovered home world, Battlestar Galactica-style, you had to traverse the dangers of space, building and expanding your fleet and defensive capabilities, and repelling enemy attacks.

Sounds like a lot of fun, even to someone like me. And that’s why people are apprehensive about Gearbox’s new ownership of the game. Homeworld isn’t the usual sort of title that this company would release (First person shooters are more their style) and many gamers are wary of “changes” the company might make to a game that they already consider great. Gearbox has even taken the step of creating a forum so that gamers can state things that they would like to see in a new version of Homeworld.  The consensus seems to be that there are very few things that people would like to see changed. Consider the following response quoted from the blog of the very talented Welshpixie:

I basically just logged in to insult Gearbox and tell them how much they suck, but I see that divine duty is already being taken care of, so instead I will attempt a measured and polite post.

What I would like from a new Homeworld:

1. It must be an RTS just as before. Not a MOBA, or a shooter or an ARPG. A real-time strategy game with resource gathering and everything else.

2. The game must capture the mood of its predecessors. The creative director must understand the value of subtlety too. Even with battles at their most grand, the undertones were always slightly melancholy. Delivered in part by the pacing, but also the illusion of scale that the backdrop provided. It made you feel small. And underneath all of that was the Paul Ruskay soundtrack – that wailing middle-eastern sound and earthiness.

3. Paul Ruskay on music.

4. Homeworld 2 had the most amazing skyboxes. Be just as amazing. Even half as amazing and it’ll be fine.

5. A meaningful single player campagin.

6. Good old-fashioned pay and play. None of this F2P nonsense.

7. Mac and Linux versions. If supporting multiple platforms is difficult for you, you are doing it wrong.

8. DO NOT: Use the phrase “badass” in your design meetings, it’s a sure sign of suckage. Basically, leave your “bro” outside the door. You’re writing poetry, not making a Michael Bay movie.

That last part made me laugh quite a lot.

What say you about the matter?

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