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First ever MWEB GameZone Celebrity Gaming Showdown is a great success

The Cape Town phenomenon known as 2upGamers has once again made its presence felt at the April edition of the event. For those that don’t know, 2upGamers is an event that takes place on a monthly basis, bringing Cape Town gamers together to meet new people, play games and most importantly, have a good time. However, the event isn’t just all shenanigans; each month speakers that are in some way linked to the gaming industry are invited to talk to the gamers in attendance. Tournaments are also a 2upGamers staple, with at least 2 of them taking place at each event.

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 The April edition of 2upGamers had some interesting highlights including tournaments being run by local gaming news sites Zombiegamer and eGamer. Genshiken UCT, a gaming and anime community spoke about their upcoming event. Cape Town Showdown, a community of gamers who excel at fighting games, were also present at the event. They hosted a tournament to determine the best player for the evening, with the winner walking away with a brand new Street Fighter X Tekken Fightstick, sponsored by MWEB GameZone.

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One of the bigger attractions for the evening was the MWEB GameZone Celebrity Gaming Showdown, in which local celebrities are pitted against each other in order to determine who is the better gamer. This was the first time that the Celeb Showdown was present at a 2upGamers event but according to Desmond Kurz from MWEB GameZone, it won’t be the last. In its first showing, the game that would be played by the contestants was Forza 4, the Xbox 360 Exclusive Racing Simulator.

The Celebs taking part in the challenge during the course of the evening were 4 female Radio DJ’s from Cape Town station, Good Hope FM. The 4 lovely ladies were introduced on stage and appeared rather excited at what the evening held in store for them. The contestants were:

Geri Olwagen - Traffic Anchor on GoodHope FM's Afternoon Drive, Breakfast Show DJ on The Sound of Ackermans.

TammyB - Surf(Guy breakfast show), Sports Presenter(Nick Hamman show) and Producer of the Ayanda Tini show.

Ayanda Tini - DJ on Good Hope FM Monday to Thursday On Air: 18:00 - 20:00.

DJ Mixi - House DJ. Good Hope FM presenter. Host of Night Funk and Electronic Mix Revolution.

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The Celeb contestants started out with a practice round in order to find their bearing with the game’s controls. The competition started out rather fierce with each celeb trying to get the best lap time they could in order to beat out their competitors. A lot of the lap times were rather close but it was ultimately TammyB who took the top spot with a lap time of 1:29:420, just narrowly beating Geri, who had a lap time of 1:29:610. The results were as follows:


TammyB – 1:29:420

Geri – 1:29:610

Ayanda – 1:39:113

Amie – 1:41:515

Mixi – 1:56:418

In addition to the celebs partaking in the challenge, the general attendees were also encouraged to set a good lap time. The challenge had a total of 57 entries on the Top Gear test track. The times for the public were even closer than that of the celeb participants. The Top 5 participants’ times seemed to stay in the 1:20 region but it was Joey who set the best time of 1:18:700; man that’s fast! The Top 5 results were:


Joey – 1:18:700

Shaun – 1:20:160

Chad – 1:20:762

Clint – 1:21:149

Caleb – 1:24:602

The top drivers from both groups won the same awesome prize, which was an advanced driving course. Congrats to both TammyB and Joey!

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 In addition to the showdown and prizes being set up by Desmond Kurz from MWEB GameZone, there was also some brilliant ROCCAT Gaming Gear on display. These high quality PC gaming peripherals look and feel great and are also reasonably priced. Some of the equipment featured were the Isku Illiminated Gaming Keyboard, the Kone Pure Core Performance Gaming Mouse and the Kave Solid 5.1 Gaming Headset. Another great thing to know is that these great ROCCAT products are available at selected MWEB stores around the country, with MWEB subscribers receiving discounts on some of the gear. These products can be found at the following MWEB stores:

·         Canal Walk Shopping Centre, Cape Town

·         The Pavillion Shopping Centre, Durban
·         Centurion Mall, Centurion
·         Eastgate Shopping Centre, Bedfordview
·         Cresta Shopping Centre, Cresta

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The first ever Celeb Gaming Showdown was a great success as everyone involved seemed to have had a great time while trying to set the best lap time. One can only imagine what the MWEB GameZone team has in store for the future; it’s all very exciting.

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