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Jargons of Duty: Lesson 1


Call of Duty Black Ops 2 has seen a lot of attention from public audiences in the past weeks. This has been due to the big name events such as MLG Dallas, EGL#9 and all the qualifiers that have surrounded the Call of Duty Championships. All these events have had some major coverage via live streams. These live streams have been pushed out in attempts to give the world a window to look through into the Call of Duty competitive community. In recent weeks we have seen a mindset change towards the competitive community, where now public players are turning their head, intrigued by the spectator value that competitive gaming offers. However, some viewers get lost in all the Call of Duty jargons that get thrown around by the shoutcaster during the match. Well, no more confusion I say! It is time to clarify all the 'Jargons of Duty'. 


 A shoutcaster is the man/woman behind the microphone, this person provides the commentary on the gameplay that is currently taking place. It is important for a shoutcaster to have depth of knowledge in the current game they are covering. 


This is an abbreviation that refers to an objective player. In Call of Duty you have players that each have their own role in a team. An objective player will be the person that goes directly for the in-game objectives. For example, in modes such as Capture the Flag, the OBJ will be the player that essentially steals the flag from the opposition and runs it back to his/her base. 


Another type of player in a team, the slayer is known to be the player that supports the OBJ by getting a high amount of kills in and around the objective. This means that this player is heavily relied upon to prevent the enemies from gaining 'map control'.


Yet another type of player, the anchors role in a team usually revolves around the new mode introduced to Black Ops 2, hardpoint. The anchors role in a team is to hold spawns around the hardpoints location. This is accomplished by rotating and controlling spawns. An indication of a good anchor is usually indicated by a good kill to death ratio. 

Map Control

Map control is the concept of being able secure the power positions in a map. These positions usually are related to the team being able to cover  more area of the map with their players. This also relates to the team with map control having more area to move thus giving them more options than their opposition. A team with little map control will not have as much room to move as they will be confined to a small area.  

Controlling spawn 

When you die as a player in Call of Duty, you usually respawn in a different location. That location is known as a spawn point. The concept of controlling spawns is for a team to work together to either secure a better spawn location for their team or by controlling the enemies spawn points. Controlling an enemies spawns can result in a team becoming spawn trapped. This is where a team is forced to spawn in a specific area of the map due to the other team having better map control. Being spawn trapped is never fun, and usually results in you dying...... over and over again. 


When a shoutcaster talks about rotating it refers two the teams or individuals movement. Rotating is usually done defensively or offensively to hold map control. An offensive rotation would mean that players/teams will rotate towards the position of interest, in Capture the Flag that would mean that an offensive rotation would be to move towards the flag whilst gaining better map control. A defensive rotation is usually the result of a team member dying, this means that players will rotate towards a position that allows them to cover the area that their team mate covered.

Getting turned on

Wait right there, before you get it excited I will let you know that this is not some form of erotic gaming. What getting turned on means is: when you are shooting at a enemy and that enemy turns around and kills you. When you get turned on you should feel ashamed, getting turned on is the proverbial Call of Duty slap in the face. However, if you managed to turn on someone else, you should feel free to feel like a boss. 

wo, three or four piece

This is no KFC combo, it is actually when a player gets two, three or four kills in succession. As you go up the list in the amount of kills the difficulty increase. Pulling off a three piece or a four piece is always a great feeling for a Call of Duty player, and is rather rare in clan matches. 


Pulling off a clutch or clutching, is the results of a player being is a situation where they a the only player left ,against either 1 or more enemies, and coming out on top. One of the best moments in Call of Duty is a 1v4 clutch in Search and Destroy. This is a moment that very rarely happens but when it does, it can be one of the best spectator moments as all odds are against the one player to win.

That concludes our 'Jargons of Duty' for this week. If you have any Call of Duty Jargons that you still cant figure out, let us know and we will be sure to include it to our list for episode 2. You can do so by commenting below or hitting us up on Facebook or Twitter. 

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