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EVE Online: Odyssey Expansion ship rebalance Update

As players of EVE Online have known for some time, conventional frigates and cruisers have been receiving significant updates in their performance profiles. Recently, battlecruiser hulls have received their updates as part of the Tiercide initiative in the Retribution 1.1 point update, where ships have been redesigned to fill specific roles rather than being looked at from a tier perspective, ie, the lower-tiered ship is not as good as another high-tiered ship.


As part of the Odyssey expansion for EVE Online due out in June, the appropriately-named tiercide initiative continues with battleships and all faction Navy vessels getting their abilities spruced up a bit to bring them more in line with their conventional non-faction cousins.

For the most part, navy frigates are performing as they should, since they actually don’t have conventional Tech-1 variants, and are only receiving minor tweaks.

The Navy cruiser line is receiving most of the attention at the present, with some radical changes coming about. Copy/pasting two of the changes which most interest me taken from the Navy Dev blog, as examples:

Osprey Navy Issue: takes the Attack role of the Caracal to the next level with more speed and a larger kinetic damage bonus. The addition of a utility high slot, an extra low slot and (most importantly) a sixth medium slot makes the Navy Osprey extremely versatile. It can choose to fit a strong shield tank or take advantage of the mobility and medium slots through electronic warfare.

Vexor Navy Issue: this vessel has been overhauled to be a pure drone boat. We removed the hybrid damage bonus and three turret slots in favor of 5% to drone velocity and tracking per level. It also now has a 125m3 bandwidth and 200m3 drone bay, giving it the ability to fit a full flight of heavy drones as well as spare sets of mediums and lights. We expect this ship to be very effective with either heavy drones close up, or tracking-bonused sentries at range.

Of extreme personal interest is the introduction of faction Navy battlecruisers, to fill the gap between cruisers and battleships. The proposal is to take the combat-range of battlecuisers and spruce those up, which means Navy variants of the Amarrian Harbinger, the Caldari Drake, the Gallente Brutix and (my personal favourite!) the Minmitar Hurricane. At first glance, the new Hurricane Fleet Issue looks near identical in specification to the pre-Inferno expansion variation of the standard Hurricane. Happy days! Now I can have my cake, eat it, blow everything up, take a hammering AND make peoples Internet Spaceship lives’ miserable! I’m SOO HAPPY!!!

eve-hurricane-back-again.png  happy_fluttershy_is_happy_by_greseres-d4rv1dt.png

Because Minmitar is WINMITAR!

Not to be left out in this expansion, all Tech 1 battleships are getting overhauled as well, with exciting changes occurring throughout the existing line-up. Notable changes include massive improvements to the Amarrian Armageddon, turning it into a monstrous drone support ship, second only to the re-done Gallentean Dominix; not to mention the Minmitar Typhoon finally getting its split damage bonuses rationalised.

With all the changes being made to Tech 1 battleships at the present time, changes to the Navy variations are on hold till the base has been stabilized.

All in all, the future is bright with explosions with the new breath of life being brought to existing vessels! Hooray for my old Hurricane! (sadly at triple the price)


Thanks to EVE Online for the alerts and source and a special thanks to my corp-mates Connall Tara and Gynax Gallentor for the tip on the Navy Hurricane!

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