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5 Mass Effect-inspired musical numbers

More lists from me this afternoon I'm afraid. The thing is, I've spent the past hour watching Mass Effect inspired music videos on Youtube (which counts as researching an article) and I've found some really great stuff. I thought I'd share with you because I am going to have my Xbox back next Tuesday and shall re-embark on the 3 year journey that is the first 2 hours of Mass Effect 2 (for me anyway). I know that the ending of number 3 is terrible because we've all seen that meme, but I still want to see how it gets to that point, because **** me right?

As a warning to those of you who, like me haven't completed the trilogy, there might be some spoilers, but they are really funny so you should watch anyway.

1. Drago - Sovereign

 Drago describes this tune as "dark and naaaaaaassstty" and it certainly is both of those things. Sovereign sucks but he inspires some sick dubstep (and don't start the argument that dubstep isn't real music, because actually it is).

2. Gembat - Calibrations: A song about a very special Turian

Oh Garrus, you silver-tongued devil.

3. LITERAL - Mass Effect 3 trailer

 I watched this video and then my face looked like this:


SHOULDER MASSAGE OF DEATH!11!!!!111!11111111!!!!

4. Coldplay "Paradise": The Mass Effect Parody

Watch this guy with a septum ring sing about Mass Effect in a high pitched voice.

5. All 16 endings of Mass Effect 3

Possible spoilers, watch it anyway. Personal favourite.

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