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5 Favourite LAN games


There’s nothing quite as exciting as a LAN party at your friend’s house. The excitement is quickly replaced by anger and annoyance when you have to fiddle with IP addresses/change passwords/file swap/fix that one PC that won’t connect to the network for literally no reason; but once that’s over, there is a lot of fizzy drinks to be drunk/Doritos to be eaten and also, a lot of fun to be had/sweaty bodies to smell.

I don’t play Counter-Strike because although no-one I know is actually good at it, they are all better than me so that’s stupid. However, there are many games that don’t require much thought and those are the ones I am good at (because potato, you see). These are a few of my favourite co-op LAN games:

1. Left 4 Dead 2


Zombies + Fire + Guns = 1 freaking sweet game. Best moments include that one time I stone cold shot a Witch in the face and gunned her down after my brother had spent the past half hour telling me they were impossible to kill. Great Success!

2. Age of Empires


I know it’s old, but so am I so deal with it. I know that the purpose of the game isn’t to build the prettiest village (I do) and I know that I always end up with the largest (completely unused) army at the end, but I just feel that life is so much better when it’s organised. Why shouldn’t all the horses be standing in formation by the stable? It’s where they came from after all.

3. Torchlight II


I actually only discovered this game the other day thanks to my Fluffy and my Squishy (don’t even ask) but once I figured out that you could bind healing and mana potions and as a result, not die every two seconds, I really enjoyed myself. A good quest always gets the blood boiling. Plus, you get to have a pet, which is so great. Mine was a panther named Neil.



Actually, I hate this game RL but the reason it features on this list is because my first and only game ever went something like this:

[ME (to be read in squeaky, nasal voice)]: Oh look, a spider!


That Broodmother had it coming to her anyways.

5. Quake III Arena


I know I always write about Quake, so I'm not going to go into it much here. It's just that this list would have been a lie were it not included. Oh, and instagib. That is all.

I've shown you mine, now you show me yours. What are they?

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