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ROCCAT Gaming Gear launches into MWEB Stores, Specials for MWEB Subscribers

MWEB, in our continued support for gaming in South Africa, have launched a select range of ROCCAT gaming peripherals into all our retail stores. To celebrate the launch, MWEB are offering our subscribers the opportunity to buy great gaming peripherals in-store for fantastic discounts but only until 31 May 2013 (Ed: This has been extended from 30 April 2013).

Jonathan Vreugdenburg, the National Sales Executive from Blue Catz Media and distributors of ROCCAT in South Africa, had some more good news to share “We are proud to announce that all Electronic ROCCAT Gaming gear now boasts a mind blowing 2 year warranty.  So, the special which MWEB will be launching for its clientele will be an exceptional opportunity to obtain some of the best gaming gear at unbelievable prices, backed by a great warranty

When asked about the launch and working with MWEB, Vreugdenburg has this to add, “Taking both ROCCAT & MWEB's dedication to the South African Gaming Community to account, this association is one that we could not pass up. We are so excited and proud to be associated with MWEB on such great offerings and we look forward to being part of more such fantastic deals in the future.”


Powerpack Starter – Competition Gaming Set

  • NON-MWEB Member Price:       R959-00
  • MWEB Member Price:                   R829-00
  • MWEB Members save R130 (13%)

The Powerpack Starter is a great buy to propel your game to the next level. The pack contains the Savu Gaming Mouse, the Sense “Glacier Blue” Mousepad and the Vire Mobile Gaming Headset.

Savu Gaming Mouse.jpg

ROCCAT Savu Gaming Mouse
Sense Glacier Blue Mousepad 2.jpg

ROCCAT Sense Glacier Blue Mousepad

Vire Mobile Gaming Headset.jpg

ROCCAT Vire Mobile Gaming Headset

Kave Solid 5.1 Gaming Headset

  • NON-MWEB Member Price:       R899-00
  • MWEB Member Price:                   R769-00
  • MWEB Members save R130 (14%)

Tired of people sneaking up on you in-game? The Kave’s realistic 3D surround sound helps you locate your opponents easily by the noise they generate and the desktop control enables you to adjust to situations quickly with sound and microphone mute buttons and volume control for different channels.    

ROCCAT Kave 5.1 headset.jpg

ROCCAT Kave 5.1 Gaming Headset

View specifications for the ROCCAT Kave Solid 5.1

Kone Pure - Core Performance Gaming Mouse

  • NON-MWEB Member Price:       R769-00
  • MWEB Member Price:                   R689-00
  • MWEB Members save R80 (10%)

This is a mouse that I can personally recommend because I use it every day; It looks impressive, it feels great in the hand and its, above all else, nicely responsive.

ROOCAT Kone Pure.jpg

ROCCAT Kone Pure Gaming Mouse

View specifications for the ROCCAT Kone Pure

Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard

  • NON-MWEB Member Price:       R879-00
  • MWEB Member Price:                   R789-00
  • MWEB Members save R90 (10%)

Aside from being a great gaming keyboard, the embedded ROCCAT Talk technology lets your compatible ROCCAT peripherals like the Kone Pure to join forces together to make your gaming more intense like making macros more accessible with “Easy-Shift” or aiming easier with “Easy-Aim”.

ROCCAT Isku Gaming Keyboard.jpg 

ROCCAT Isku Gaming Keyboard

Sense High Precision Gaming Mousepad – Glacier Blue

  • NON-MWEB Member Price:       R199-00
  • MWEB Member Price:                   R179-00
  • MWEB Members save R20 (10%)

The Sense sports an ultra-soft cloth construction and offers gamers a highly-calibrated blend of advanced speed, control and ergonomic features, giving you optimal gliding and comfort in a slim, stable and rugged design. Not to mention the fact that it looks amazing!

The MWEB retail stores are offering the “Glacier Blue” design, pictured below.

Sense Glacier Blue Mousepad.jpg

ROCCAT Sense Glacier Blue Mousepad

View specifications for the ROCCAT Sense High Precision Gaming Mousepad

Tusko Across-the-Board Widescreen Bag 20”-24”

  • NON-MWEB Member Price:       R469-00
  • MWEB Member Price:                   R419-00
  • MWEB Members save R50 (10%)

Particularly if you’re a lanner, you know the value of a good carry bag to schlep your kit safely. The ROCCAT Tusko is one that you should really look at, considering it can take up to a 24” screen, its looks good and its got plenty of place for keyboard, mouse and other accessories.

ROCCAT Tusko Across-the-Board WIdescreen Bag.jpg 

ROCCAT Tusko Carry Bag

View specifications for the ROCCAT Tusko Across-the-Board WIdescreen Bag


Now that we have you salivating for this great gear, here are the locations of the MWEB Stores where you can purchase the items:

  • Canal Walk Shopping Centre, Cape Town
  • The Pavillion Shopping Centre, Durban
  • Centurion Mall, Centurion
  • Eastgate Shopping Centre, Bedfordview
  • Cresta Shopping Centre, Cresta

For more information on the stores, click here

Remember, the offers are only available until 30 April, so make sure you get there today!

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