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The War Z Back-end Hacked

It is never a good feeling when you get that email from a game company – Valve, Sony, and now most recently, the guys behind The War Z have gone public with a security advisory that their forums and databases have been compromised and that all their associated services have been taken offline for investigation.


The security advisory states that even though their systems have been compromised, payment and associated processing information is not affected, as it is handled by an external third party. Both their online and mailed advisory have stated that they “…have engaged outside experts and investigators to assist in our investigation of this incident and committed substantial resources to that effort. We have identified how access was obtained and have enhanced our security to improve game and forum safety. We are undertaking a full review and update of our servers and the services we use and adding additional security mechanisms. “

All players are advised to change their passwords as well as check other accounts that may be related and use the same or similar password, adding that even though the passwords are encrypted on their system, brute-force methods could be used to decrypt them.


Feel like you've been bent over one of these?

For the full disclosure, head on over to their announcement. And seriously, really go double-check your account and passwords if you are affected by this in ANY way – it really is a good idea to do so now.

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