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Half-Life Web Series: The Freeman needs your help

I say Barnacles, Vortigaunts and Headcrabs, you say? Half-Life of course! The fans have decided that the wait for Half-Life 3 has been going on for way too long, so they’ve decided to scratch that itch by making an action web series based on the legend that is Gordon Freeman. 

Making this dream come true requires cash, as most dreams do. Here’s how you can help.

Freeman Chronicles.jpg


The Freeman Chronicles' is a 6-episode Half-Life series, funded and created entirely by THE FANS.

We have a core story around Gordon Freeman, our protagonist, and the Commander of the HECU unit as the main antagonist, filled with terrifying Barnacles, vicious Vortigaunts and ruthless HECU soldiers. It fits right in between Gordon reaching the surface and heading to the Lambda get to explore a sort of lost episode from the game. It can't get much better than that, no?!

With only 7 days left and a mere $19 000 pocketed, the $75 000 goal seems out of reach. By pledging just $5 you can help set Freeman free.

Pledge Benefits

  • $5 Gordon’s Right Hand: wallpaper of Gordon facing an electricity-firing Vortigaunt for your desktop or phone background.
  • $10 Swing of the Crowbar: Instant download of 'Enter the Freeman' single 'Box of Nails' by Laura Duncan, plus the wallpaper for your desktop or phone background.
  • $15 Chariotdrive Collection: Includes a downloadable package of the entire series in HD, PLUS an exclusive and stunning storyboard wallpaper for your desktop or phone background, and on top your name will be added to the donor wall on the website.
  • $30 Infectious Designer Box: Includes a downloadable package of the series and special features in HD. Also comes with downloads of the script, poster, production stills, trailer, plus your name added to the donor wall on our website.

For even more options, check out the Half-Life Live ActionWeb Series - The Freeman Chronicles.

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