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EVE Online: Odyssey Expansion Announced

With PAX East successfully rolled up, many games developers have laid out their plans for the upcoming year; CCP Games was amongst those with the announcement of their newest expansion, titled Odyssey, due out in June.

One of the major pushes in the Odyssey expansion will be the continuation of back-story for the game. With the completion of their most recent live event in-game, witnessing the destruction of the Caldari Titan Shiigeru, and the involvement of mercenaries fighting for both the Caldari and Gallentean factions from Dust514, the Battle for Caldari Prime pushes the story inexorably forward, bound to bring out new surprises in the coming months.

Even the "Dusties" got in on that action!

In line with the changes in laid out with thematic approach to developing expansions, the game will be getting a series of “little things” fixes, including UI changes and starbase management. The scanning system, used in exploration and mini-profession missions is due to receive a massive overhaul, with new visuals and usage upgrades.

With the Retribution expansion released last holiday season, much attention was paid to the re-balancing of existing smaller ships in the game, by re-assigning roles to existing hulls, in attempt to make them all more useful. The point release of Retribution 1.1 saw the re-balancing of battlecruiser-class vessels; Odyssey promises to continue along this path with attention being paid to battleship-class hulls and beyond.


Here’s looking forward to the ongoing journeys for all pilots in the EVE Online universe! Keep watching for more information on Odyssey as it becomes available! EVE Online: Odyssey launches on June 4.

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