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South Africa celebrates a roaring victory over Bulgaria

Team eSports South Africa finally faced Bulgaria in the Battlefield3 Clanbase XVI Nations Cup (PC) this past Sunday. As you will see from the match report by our team captain, Barry "Anthraxza" Louzada, the battle was fierce, precise and deadly…for Bulgaria.



The match was played on Sunday the 17th of March at 19:00 CET. We played Noshahr Canals and Grand Bazaar. Bulgaria arrived late to the pre-match meeting where teams decide what maps are played where and due to that we got to choose which map we wanted to play on their server. We chose to play Bazaar on our server knowing that it was our stronger map and wanted to ensure if we needed a ticket buffer we would be able to get it back on Bazaar.

Map 1: Noshahr Canals, SA wins 383/0

The first round on Noshahr Canals was always going to be tough as stated by one of the EU players that when you play US you will lose. Due to the armour superiority in favour of the Russian side and the fact that you start out in the ocean on an aircraft carrier, it was always going to be hard. Everyone did their job though and a slow and decisive push saw us holding Bulgaria back and off the flags. After that win confidence was high and all the guys were really excited for the next round.

The next round went a lot easier than the first one obviously now with the extra armour we managed to contain Bulgaria in their base and the rest of the map was just a formality. What worked in our favour is that even though the pings were in excess of 250 there were no choppers or jets that we had to contend with. We managed to take the first map on from Bulgaria 383 – 0

Map 2: Grand Bazaar, SA wins 465/0

The next map was Bazaar and was one of our stronger maps unfortunately Bulgaria with their 250 ping could not compete and ended up losing both maps quite quickly. We beat them 465 – 0.

South Africa beat Bulgaria with a final score of 848/0!

Facing the almighty Germany next

South Africa plays Germany tonight at 20:00 CET on Caspian Border and Seine. You can tune into the live stream here. Team eSports South Africa is currently at third place in the Nations Cup.

We are holding our breath and sending up our best wishes!

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