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Greatest Game Glitches

We all know that although we start a game to complete every quest because gamers are pretty persnickety and anal like that. However, we also know that that sort of play style gets pretty boring at some point and so when you find a way to give a King with a gift of 5000 watermelons (Kings love watermelons), why not do that?

Here are some of my other favourite ways in which bugs and glitches have been exploited with hilarious results:

1. Battlefield Bad Company 2: Knife versus Giant Building

Alright, this is old and it’s been patched now anyways, but for those of you who haven’t seen this, it’s kind of great to watch a building that can easily withstand a mortar attack be razed to the ground when stabbed from a certain angle. Irony anyone?

2. GTA IV: The Magical Swing-set

Ever wondered what it would be like to launch a car into the air using only a child’s swing set for a catapult? Wonder no longer. GTA IV showed us that physics are silly and unnecessary:

And it’s the stuff that dreams are made of.

3. Fallout 3: Blowing Up Octogenarians

This video features some creative uses of explosives and a blatant disregard for gravity. Oh, and an old guy/protagonist (read: victim) named Alastair Tenpenny.

Godspeed, Sir. Godspeed.

4. Minecraft: The Cat Fountain

What do you get when you combine a colossal structure that reaches the sky, cats and teleportation? This of course:


...And apparently there are 136 people whose existence on this Earth is completely unjustifiable.

5. Red Dead Redemption: What Is This I Don’t Even

This clip allows you to watch some pimped-up wooden carriages that seem to have hydraulics for some reason; and also, space horses who evidently felt the need to go home. Enjoy!


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