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Four most enjoyable online Flash games

A better title for this article would be Panda’s favourite online Flash games that she likes because they are either incredibly pointless and/or conceptually confusing while still managing to be fun. That didn’t fit up there which is why I am elaborating here and you can peruse my selection below:

1. Llama in Your Face


I do suspect that this game might become somewhat monotonous as a result of extended play, but it still appeals to me because I get to kill children and elderly women using a bouncing Llama that spits acid as my tool of destruction. What’s not to love?


Kill my pretty! Kill! Kill!

You can also power up your Llama (who collects money for each confirmed kill) using various perks collected by shooting saliva at crates containing special items that are carried over by passing helicopters at various intervals.


Because really, you can see why she had it coming.

Play it here.

2. Rocket Toilet 2


This game is slightly frustrating at first glance, but give it a bash because it has a flying toilet. This distance game allows you to launch men from different time periods into the air using said toilet. Flush to accelerate and collect powerups that will allow you to upgrade the specs of your airborne porcelain throne.



Play it here.

3. Line Rider


Yes, it’s simplistic. Yes, it looks a bit silly. In reality, it’s both of those things, but it doesn’t change the fact that Line Rider is addictive and a lot of fun. Use the pencil tool (among others) to draw and design courses resembling something from the nightmarish sketches of M.C Escher that will then be tested out by an animated tobogganist  who at best can be described as somewhat foolhardy.


Play it here

4. Levolution


This little game is similar to Super Mario but with more timing and is actually quite amusing. Control your little brown blockman through a set of jumping puzzles that get steadily more difficult. The more time you take, the lower your rating for each area (I got “meh” for a lot of mine).


Play it here.


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