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Les Misérables: The game

Les Misérables, the novel by Victor Hugo is perhaps the most renowned story ever told. It has over 50 film adaptations, countless stage performances and for the first time, a video game. Les Misérables: Cosette’s Fate will place players in the shoes of Cosette as she tries to escape what fate throws at her.

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Montfermeil, France, in the year of our Lord 1826. Fantine leads a poor life and tries to survive by any means. She has no other choice but to let the Thénardier be in charge of her little girl, Cosette, so she can find a job in the city. Unfortunately, the Thénardier are spiteful innkeepers who take unfair advantage of her and mistreat her. The players embody Cosette and try to escape from those mean innkeepers.

 "Les Misérables: Cosette’s Fate" stands as the first title of a new generation of adventure and hidden objects games including more animation, interactivity, capacities and incorporating an interface for an optimized experience. Players can now move freely from one scene to the next to gather or combine objects and progress in the game. For instance, they will have to put logs in the fireplace to warm up a basin filled with resin and use the melted glue to fix a broken plate before the Thénardier return.

The players will also regularly solve multiple minigames (reassemble torn documents, reorganize Russian dolls or glue broken objects, just like a jigsaw). Once those puzzles are solved, the players can unlock the situation or bring together Cosette’s broken doll to cheer her up in her hard life.

When the players are stuck, an integrated help will punctually guide them with the next move to make. To meet the fans expectations, several facts about the novel and its writer are scattered throughout the adventure. The players will have to pay close attention to learn more.

Les Misérables: Cosette’s Fate is now available on iPad for $2.99, it will also become available on PC, Mac and Andriod devices.

Source: Games Press

Few films have touched me as deeply as Les Misérables. It is a story about the nature of law and grace in a world filled with unimaginable tragedy. You cannot look into the lives of The Miserables and remain unaffected.

I wonder if the medium of video games could be a vehicle to portray the depth, complexities and rawness of this world.

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