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Why semi risque gamertags are the greatest thing ever

My gamertag is panda_jerK (don’t stalk). Yes, it’s probably slightly lame but I used to really love the movie Anchorman and it just turned into this whole crazy thing that I won’t even. That being said, I am still immensely proud of the thing because I made it up almost all by myself and also because I am too lazy to think of another one. C’est la vie.


My name is probably a bad example due to previously mentioned lameness of said noun, but there are some I’ve seen out there that are works of genius. Many of my personal favourites fall under the heading of The Tantalisingly Risque.

There’s nothing quite like the sense of leetness one gets from bamboozling a swear word filter through use of clever misspellings and/or foreign languages. Like duck_vagggina. Not to brag or anything, but I really think that I surpassed myself intellectually with this nom de gaming. Our flirtation was brief, but I remember it fondly. Goodnight, sweet prince. RIP.

There is nothing as evocative as those paradigms of awesome; Bendover and DildoTeabaggins. Another example that I particularly enjoyed due to its local flavour is poender_hoes. Nothing excites me more than a good spoonerism because I like writing and wordplay and stuff. I also like to say “spoonerism” because it makes me sound smart.


I know that to the layman it might sound like I’m getting excited over nothing, but if you are a person who has been anywhere on the Internet ever, you know that this sort of thing is pretty much the only reason why the world wide web exists. Perhaps I am childish, but at the end of the day I am 12 because of reasons and anyway, playing as HughJarse is both amusing and a great way to stick it to the man.


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