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NSD vs SSG DGL Match Review

The build up to the game had definitely instilled a feeling of nervousness in Sons of Liberty. The community driven poll had placed us as the underdogs and we were eager to prove the popular opinion wrong. Our confidence was boosted when Nicholas “Shizznazz” Hayes was able to come out of a fiery knife fight as the victor which allowed Sons of Liberty to have the first map elimination. But a surprise lay in waiting for Sons of Liberty in the map eliminations. We were certain that SSG would want to play against us on Damavand Peak yet they chose to eliminate it which set an interesting tone for the match. The thoughts of what SSG had been preparing and whether or not they had a special tactic prepared for Grand Bazaar or Sharqi Peninsula or even Karkand weighed on the minds of the Sons of Liberty team.

baz 1.JPG

Bazaar Round 1

Sons of Liberty played this first round of Bazaar as Russian which is sometimes viewed as the harder side to play on because this team can sometimes arrive later to the B flag than the American team. What would prove to be our saving grace in this map would be our stronger armor squad and confident temperament which we have built up through much practice on this map. Amazing plays were made by Tyron “Prokill” Bataille and Willie “Oakley-Razor” Botes which helped secure dominance for Sons of Liberty over SSG in terms of armor. Each time SoL lost possession of the middle flag we were able to either place more bodies on the flag or use the LAV to make a flanking maneuver and attack the SSG back flag. This resulted in us having flag majority for most of the round and being able to keep a comfortable win.

Bazaar Round 2

This round played out similarly to the first round with Devereaux “Notion” Biddlecombe making extremely smart plays with mines and RPG’s. He was able to harass and slow down the SSG armor squad which gave more time for ticket bleed to take in effect. The infantry squad did extremely well on Flag B, they were also able to help the armor squad with flanking maneuvers. Danie “H3ckers” Nell and Theuns “Alpha-Renji” Louw were able to communicate well with the armor squad and coordinate movement between the two squads. This resulted in a comfortable win for NSD.

sharqi 1.JPG 

Sharqi Round 1

This round began well for NSD with a solid defense being held at flag A despite the SSG attack on A being well coordinated and having great tank support. Things were going well until an extremely sneaky maneuver from SSG had them come around the map to attack NSD’s most important point, Flag C. This put NSD off balance and despite being able to bleed SSG’s tickets down for quite some time, SSG were able to capture points away from us and take our tank as it spawned. This resulted in NSD losing the round by a mere 20 tickets. We were confident we could bring it back in the next round.

Sharqi Round 2

Sons of Liberty attacked knowing that a victory of 20 tickets or more was required to prevent the match going on into a third map. Our attack was straight forward and didn’t require any particularly sneaky maneuvers or tactics and we were able to capture the A flag with minimal ticket loss. Moving onward proved to be rather difficult however and the team began to show signs of weakness. Coordination was lacking, accidental team killing occurred and players began to lose engagements they should otherwise have won. Many attempts to take SSG’s tank as it respawned were unsuccessful and this resulted in SSG being able to bleed our tickets away. Eventually a solid hold by key players in the armor squad was kept on Flag B while the infantry squad attempted to attack C from the direction of A. This, coupled with Nicholas “Shizznazz” Hayes being able to finally take SSG’s tank away from them resulted in NSD winning the round by 48 tickets, leading to an overall victory on Sharqi of 28 tickets. This would definitely go down as the most intense match played on Sharqi Peninsula for this entire leg of DGL. 

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