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2013 World Nations Tournament for Battlefield 3 comes to an end for SA

Last night marked the final match for our local PlayStation, Battlefield 3 heroes in the 2013 World Nations Tournament. Our team progressed through the group stages and ended up playing in the 16 Team Single Elimination Bracket, with their first match against Team Italy. Although South Africa was beaten by the passionate Italians, our soldiers fought well, they made us proud.

For one final match report, I have caught up with team captain, Ruan "Mr-Beefy_PS" Kraft.


How did the match go?

Map 1: Markaz Monolith

The match started off so good! We played hard on Markaz Monolith, we fought to the last ticket! We ended up losing by only 2 tickets. The second round was tougher as Team Italy really fought back hard and beat us by 100 tickets.

Map 2: Talah Market

Talah was again a hard battle as our infantry battled coping with the high and ping. Italy pummelled us and we lost both rounds with just under 200 tickets, making Italy the winners 2-0 to South Africa.

Did you need to make any changes to your strats?

We tried to stick to the same tactics that we played and tweaked in precious matches, but I think we were simply outgunned. We tried to be flexible on the tactics, but the enemy didn’t allow us any opportunity. Well done to Team Italy for a superb performance.

What does the loss against Italy mean for South Africa’s standing in the tournament?

This was in the YOLO (you only live once) stages of the event, meaning if you lose you are out. Italy knocked us out of the 2013 World nations Tournament at round 1 for the top 16 nations bracket.

Your final shoutout

Firstly thanks to MWEB GameZone for coverage throughout this tournament. Secondly I want to thank each and every player that showed so much hard work, commitment and dedication. I am extremely proud of our team, it was an honour to be your captain.

Even though, we are out of the Tourney, at least we made it to the TOP 16 TEAMS in the world! So I think the boys can be proud, especially since we all came from different clans putting aside all hate and rivalry from past local events to fight for a greater cause. It really was an honour and privilege battling with RSA best! Well done boys for coming this far.

Just as a side note, Baroque (Quinton of Apex) is in the process of setting up and registering a club with Mind Sports South Africa. From here on we will run things officially and together with the MSSA we will grow the competitive Battlefield 3 console community.

Contact: Battlefield 3 PlayStation Team / World Nations Tournament

Closing thoughts

MWEB GameZone salutes this team, you have made South Africa proud and we are looking forward to covering more of your exploits on the battlefield.

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