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Black Ops 2 Beta Ladders, Great Success!


Last night marked the end of the Mweb Gamezone Black Ops 2 beta ladders and the console clans didn't let us down! With much more teams than anticipated and even greater action than we hoped for. The results from the ladders showed us perseverance and determination, as the match count kept ticking from day one. Clans across South Africa have set out this month to show that the console community is extremely passionate about competitive gaming and they have done so in a big way.

The beta ladders covered two consoles, being PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. They may have started out the same, but both ladders ended in a completely different fashion.

The PlayStation 3 beta ladder champions showed us that constant action lends itself to constant reward. Team F34R Elite racked up a total of 46 matches, with only 5 losses. This placed them at the top of the ladder with time to spare.

On the Xbox 360 we saw less matches but an explosive ending non the less, as last night the ladder was completely undecided. There were still 3 teams in the race for that elusive number one spot, but there was one team that persevered, team Adios la Vida

Here is a full breakdown of all the Black Ops 2 beta ladder action to take place this month: 

Xbox 360 Search & Destroy Ladder

MediaHandler x.jpg 

Total Teams: 37

Total Matches Played: 270

Total Amount of XP Awarded: 18725

1st Place: Adios La Vida 

2nd Place: Xtaz 

3rd Place: Sector 17 La Vita

PlayStation 3 Search & Destroy Ladder

MediaHandler ps3.jpg 

Total Teams: 51

Total Matches Played: 610

Total Amount of XP Awarded: 37015

1st Place: F34R Elite

2nd Place: 13K

3rd Place: ToXiK V0iD


In addition to the bragging rights, there are some vouchers from our favorite online retailer

Additional bonus prizes went to:

*All the captains will be contacted regarding their prizes. 

We would like to congratulate all of our winners, and thank all of our participants that took part in the beta ladder. Your feedback has been amazing and we can truly say that the console community is invaluable to us. The ladder will close for a short break whilst we get in all of our engineers to fix all the broken bits and pieces. If you have any more suggestions or comments be sure to check out our forum

The testing phase has been met with great success and soon we will be hitting you with even more mind-blowing action. a the amount of games and competition is only going to increase. So get ready to reload as the action never stops with Mweb Gamezone! 

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