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Gears of War Judgment: Everything you need to know

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Gears of War: Judgment is around the corner and the time has come to round up everything we need to know regarding the next episode in the series. So consider this the undressing, we will be discussing the plot, mulitiplayer, weapons and the competitive aspects to the next title in the series. This is the one article that Gears fans don't want to miss, so without further delay lets jump into the world of Gears of War: Judgement



The story surrounding Gears of War: Judgment sees the series move in a completely different direction. Marcos Phoenix is no longer the main protagonist, that role has been swept up by Damon Baird. Baird has taken the role as the comic relief in previous titles, however, this time his situation is much more grim. He is facing an impeding trial, headed by Colonel Ezra Lewis, a by-the-book leader, who doesn't take too kindly to those whom walk astray from his rule of thumb. Ezra has charged Kilo Squad of high treason after the battle against the locust hoard in Halvo Bay, the home of the Onyx Guard Academy. 

The campaign takes place 30 days after emergence day, the entire Kilo squad are in chains and being escorted into the court to face their impending trial.The Kilo squad is headed by Lieutenant Damon Baird followed by the ever familiar Augustus 'Cole Train' Cole as well as two new characters being Sofia Hendrik and Garron Paduk respectively.  As the trial takes place you will be reliving the onslaught by playing the flashbacks of the events that took place against the locusts at Holvo Bay. 


New Features 

3 Star Ranking

  • The 3 Star Ranking System will be used to determine how well you played the campaign. 
  • Achieving 3 Stars will earn you special unlocks for new characters, armor skins as well as a few other secret unlocks.
  • Relies heavily on your declassified mission selection

Declassified Missions 

  • Allows you to choose how to take on your mission 
  • Two options: Traditional or Declassified mission 
  • If the Declassified Mission is accepted, you will play the mission with select restrictions that bump up the difficulty.
  • Playing Declassified missions helps you earn a better Star ranking. 

Dynamic Defense Scenarios

  • Situations where you will have to set up turrets in the campaign to assist you against the hoard of inbound locusts 

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The controls have changed for Gears of War: Judgment . 

  • Changing Weapons is done with the 'Y' button rather than the D-Pad that was used previously 
  • Left bumper is used to throw Grenades 

Multiplayer Modes 

  • Team Deathmatch 
  • Domination
  • Free For All
  • Overrun 
  • Execution (DLC)


New Weapons

UIR (Union of Independent Republics) Weapons 


  • Semi Automatic Sniper Rifle 
  • Large Capacity Mag and Scope 


  • Grenade Launcher
  • Shells Ricochet off surfaces
  • Detonate on impact

Beacon Grenade 

  • Allows allies to find enemies
  • Can allow vision though walls

Stim Grenade 

  • Can Heal Allies 
  • Revives downed Allies 

Lowcust Weapons 


  • High powered Rifle
  • Best used for Short to Medium Range
  • Attached axe for gory executions 


  • Now can be used with some primary weapons 


Downloadable Content 

Free Content: Available 2nd April 

  • Two Maps Haven and Capitol 
  • Execution Game Mode 

VIP Season Pass

  • Cost: 1600 ms Points 
  • Six Multiplayer Maps
  • Two New modes 
  • 9 Exclusive unlocks 
  • Permanent Double XP

Competitive Gaming 

The Gears of War franchise has had success and failure when it comes to competitive gaming. One of the most exciting times for console gaming was when Gears of War 1 became extremely popular as a competitive title. The growth was seemingly stomped out when the sequel, Gears of War 2, hit shelves. This was due to the 'buggy' nature of the game, which made competitive gameplay inconsistent  After several patches the game became playable but by that time it was too late as a large part of the competitive community left the series. Then when it came to Gears of War 3, there was a regrowth in the scale of competitive games. This was due to the title providing better spectator value by including several features catered for competitive gaming. 

Traditionally Gears of War used execution as the base of operation for the competitive community. One of the biggest concerns for competitive players was that the mode would be left out of Gears of War Judgement, however this has been met with some relief. As the recent inclusion of execution as DLC has grabbed the attention of players once again. 

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South African Competitive Gaming 

The South African competitive community has a lot to look forward to from the get go, as one of the biggest tournaments is set to kick off. There will be two sections, one for lone wolfs and the other for teams. The lone wolf tournament is set to start on the 12th of April, with players going head to head against one another in 8 man lobbies to determine who is the best individual player in South Africa. The second part of the tournament is the team tournament, which will comprise of 4 players that will face off against their opposition to determine who is the best Gears of War:Judgement team in South Africa. The team tournament will commence on the 13th of April.

Register at:


  • 40" LED 3D Samsung Smart TV.
  • Samsung 3D Smart Sound Bar.
  • 1 Year Nag Subscription.
  • Officially crowned the Gears of War: Judgment champion for 2013

Has your mind changed about Gears of War: Judgement? Are you going to be pouncing on this title or are you going to be roadie running in the opposite direction? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below or dropping us a message on Twitter or Facebook. 

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