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League of Legends March upgrades to make your game more fun

New features for the League of Legends Public Beta Environment look to improve existing in-game features and will hopefully make players and fanboys happy people. It seems the latest patches include a brand-spanking new ping system, prettier HUD bars and a new replay system called the replay browser.

2200HP-580x426.jpg tells this Panda that the HUD will be changed aesthetically but will not only be a pretty interface (see what I did there!). The non-moving health bars that are apparently somewhat tricky to decode and thus lead to needless and irritating deaths will now be “dynamic and animated”, meaning that your perception of what’s going on in the game is more accurate and your head will hopefully be less pwned for stupid reasons.

Untitled-1-248x250.jpg My brother tells me that the pinging system is mostly used in revenge for idiocy on the part of your teamies, but this has now been added to by Riot Games and has additional features beyond the Alert and Retreat modes. There will now be a radial panel that contains the options assist me; danger; enemy missing and on my way. Effective communication is <3.

Lastly, you will get a new menu called the Replay Browser which will allow you to customise your replays, rename them, replay from your match history and even share replays with your friends for when you need to gloat. Riot Games producer Status Kwoh told that this feature won’t be out until next month though as it is still a bit buggy:

“We’ve been working hard on this much-requested feature for a while now, but there’s still work to be done before it hits live. Rolling out replays to millions of players is no small feat, and there are some pretty big infrastructure and service challenges that we still need to tackle before they’re ready for a live release.”


And there you have it folks! I hope you’re feeling all the excite.


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