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Battlefield 3 World Nations Tournament: SA beats Ukraine in a whitewash

The local PlayStation team that was formed overnight to compete in the 2013 World Nations Tournament for Battlefield 3, beat Ukraine 2/0 on Saturday’s match. The win places South Africa in the next stage of the competition, which is the 16 Team Single Elimination Bracket. I caught up with team captain, Ruan "Mr-Beefy_PS" Kraft for a brief report about South Africa’s victory over Ukraine.

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Tell us about the match

This was Team South Africa’s best performance to date; we ended up beating Ukraine 2-0, winning all 4 rounds.

Map 1: Talah Market

We played Talah Market first; it is actually the map we are usually nervous to play since we struggle with our infantry on it due to our high pings. This time, however, we applied new tactics and it ended up that we beat them on the US and RU sides, making the score 1-0.

Map 2: Death Valley

The second map, Death Valley is a vehicle dominant type map. We literally turned this map into a death valley by using our tanks and jet to dominate the match. We also ended up winning the RU and US sides, making this our first whitewash of the tournament.

Map 3: Armoured Shield (friendly)

We played a third map for fun winning the RU side (we lost only 15 tickets) and by the start of the second round all Ukraine players left the game.

Did you need to make any changes to your strategies for this match?

From what we picked up in the practice matches as well as in our past matches were that our infantry skills are not on par. So we decided to try a new approach and made a last minute change in tactics to improve on that. It paid of well making this our first full out infantry based victory.

Where does this place South Africa in the 2013 World Nation’s Tournament?

The win places us at the end of pool stages with 3 wins, which is a draw with France who also has 3 wins:

  • First place: United Kingdom with 5 wins
  • Second place draw: South Africa and France both with 3 wins
  • Third place: Switzerland with 2 wins
  • Fourth place: Netherlands with 2 wins
  • Fifth place: Ukraine with 0 wins

From this pool the top 4 teams that will proceed to the 16 Team Single Elimination Bracket which starts this week. We are extremely happy that we have the chance to play in the next stage as we managed to place South Africa under the top 16 teams for the 2013 World Nations Tournament.

We will face Team Italy in the first elimination bracket match this coming Thursday at 9pm.

It’s shoutout time

Firstly, thank you to MWEB GameZone for covering our journey with this tournament. Secondly, I want to thank each and every player that shows so much hard work, commitment and dedication for this team event. For a team to have come together in so little time and play against such tough international opponents, is truly a difficult mission. We really set a benchmark for console gamers in South Africa and without these skilled players in the team we would never have achieved the results we have. Thanks boys you guys are awesome!

Team: Mr-Beefy_PS (captain), SHaDoW___FOUNDA (vice-captain), baroque17 (Quinton of Apex Interactive & team manager). Players: Skoldzer, Isten_Ab_Breu, juanr97, FireEffect101, SHaDoW___CL0uD_, D-brothers2, RSA-Ace, SHaDoW___Ne0, XtremeMods121, SHaDoW___TRoLL1, MJINC, Ash01Live, DiGGLiR, dylanb_777, SHaDoW___VEN0M, SHaDoW___SAiYAN1, TACKLEBERRY_ZA, DestriereST, KrisC1, SHaDoW___LSD, vVv_BuNNy_TaNkEr

Team South Africa / World Nations Tournament

Closing thoughts

“We really set a benchmark for console gamers in South Africa,” I would add to Kraft’s words with “setting a benchmark for gamers.” Most teams want the situation to be perfect before they compete on the international eSports arena. There are always excuses, be it the team isn’t ready, the latency would be too high, or players won’t commit, but not these guys. They saw an opportunity and they jumped in, ready, or not, and here they are playing for South Africa as part of the final 16 teams in a world class tournament. Whether or not they manage to win another match, they have left the South African mark on the battle field.



Top 16 PlayStation teams for the Battlefield 3, 2013 World Nations Tournament, 1st round playoffs

  • Team USA vs. Team Denmark
  • Team Mexico vs. Team Belgium
  • Team Canada vs. Team Germany
  • Team Brazil vs. Team Sweden
  • Team Poland vs. Team UK
  • Team Italy vs. Team South Africa
  • Team Australia vs. Team France
  • Team Finland vs. Team Switzerland
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