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EVE Online: CSM 8 Schedule & new Election Process Announced

The guys over at CCP Games, makers of the Important Internet Spaceship MMO EVE Online, have just released an outline of the new election schedule and selection process for the upcoming eighth Council of Stellar Management, or CSM for short.

The CSM is a community elected and voted group of representatives from the EVE Online player base with the stated mandate on being an advisory body to various design and development teams at the company; otherwise considered stakeholders in the scrum development process. Each year, 14 players are voted onto the Council, with up to seven of the top-voted members flown to Iceland twice-yearly for direct face-2-face meetings with the various development teams.

This years’ election process is being revised where instead of players voting for a single candidate, they now can choose their top 14 favourite candidate in order of preference, allowing a player’s vote to be “transferred” to another candidate by if determined mathematically that the initial placed vote would have already succeeded or failed. This “Single Vote Transfer”-based voting system’s exact working model will be released for public review before the election is due to occur.

csm election.jpg 

Hopefully NOT a reflection of things to come!

A pre-election ballot process will also be enacted to ensure that the 28 highest-voted players will make it onto the final ballot.

The schedule of the entire election process can be found on this EVE Online Dev Blog by CCP Dolan. For a more detailed overview of what the CSM is and does, check out the CSM document over on the EvElopedia.

If you’re an EVE player wanting to hear what CSM electoral hopefuls have to say in support of getting your vote, hop onto the Crossing Zebras site, where Xander Phoena has already conducted several interviews, with more scheduled. A constantly updated list can be found on the Crossing Zebras site here.


Because Zebras!

Check out my previous article on the most recent minutes of the seventh CSM meeting this past December.

Thanks to Trebor Daehdoow for the alert and this EVE Devblog for the source!

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