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Roccat Round Up - Mousepads that set the rules

My personal thoughts on Mousepads used to be  that they tend to be like the alien movies, if you have seen one, you have seen them all. Although having said that, you could easily go through life without ever having watched an alien movie and you could also go through life without ever using a mousepad, but that simply begs the question: Why would you want to?

Here in the M-Cave we have been playing around with the Roccat range of mousepads & my opinion is starting to change. The tactile qualities of these puppies are pretty wicked giving the impression that they will last for a really long time. They have an awesome look and more importantly a really cool feel to them. Here are some of the not-so-technical tech specs.

Roccat Taito – Turn up the heat with the Nano Matrix


“The ROCCAT™ Taito Shiny Black Gaming Mousepad features a unique, heat-blasted Nano Matrix surface that delivers maximum gliding speed in all directions – with optimal control – so you can turn up the heat on your opponents every game. And the Taito’s shiny black surface not only looks elegant – its slick surface also allows for perfect tracking with any mouse sensor. “

The structure of the Roccat Taito is a patented “Heat-blasted nano matix”. What this means is that the mousepad generates very little friction between the pad and your mouse. This equates to a very smooth tracking movement which is also deadly quiet. The non-slip rubber backing also provides a very steady grip even when trying to move it with the palm of your hand, it hardly budges at all.

The Taito also comes in 3 different sizes to suit your gaming style. (lower sensitivity players like me enjoy a large pad with plenty of room to move while high DPI players may enjoy the smaller space savers:

  • Mini – 265mm x 210mm
  • Mid – 400mm x 320mm
  • King – 400mm x 370mm 

All of these above come with 2 different width or thickness options, namely a 3mm and 5mm allowing you to choose a pad that best offsets the amount of hand pressure used during gameplay.

Depending on your choice of the options above, these bad-boys range in price from around R120 to R260 and are available from our favourite online retailer. 


Roccat Sota – Pointer positioning at the highest level


“Any mouse will glide over the ROCCAT™ Sota Granular Gaming Mousepad with apparent effortless ease and as if fitted with a tracking booster. The granular surface combined with the integrated metal film offers unparalleled gliding characteristics. At the same time, the Sota occupies a smaller footprint on the desktop compared to standard mousepads, without restricting the gliding area in the slightest.”

Unlike the smoothness of the Taito’s above, the Sota has a granular surface and yet the mouse movement when using it feel like its gliding above it. I would imagine that this would put a little more strain on the feet of your mouse but that would be a small sacrifice to make for ultimate precision. The composite material of the Sota is a marriage between a hard granular plastic with an ultra-soft flexible base with an integrated thin metal film. While this give an impressive metallic shimmer to the pad itself, it’s not just for eye-candy, it actually serves a purpose as the film improves the tracking characteristics as it reflects the light back to the optical device. It also features a wrist cut-out on the lower side and measures 350mm x 270mm and just 3mm thick.

Coming in at a price point of R214 the Sota is a good-value product that should last for eons.  


Rocatt Sota Unboxing

Roccat Alumic – One mousepad – two sides


“With two very different surface structures, the ROCCAT™ Alumic meets the highest demands of both low and high-sense gamers. Each side also features a different design. Made from high-quality aluminum, the ROCCAT™ Alumic offers maximum stability and durability. Extra-large mousepad feet ensure the mousepad stays rooted to the spot while offering the ultimate in mouse control when gaming. It also includes a gel-filled wrist rest for maximum comfort.”

So here is one for the guys and gals who like to change it up a bit depending on the demands. Horses for courses. The anodised aluminium core makes this mousepad extremely stable, durable and will never “warp” on you.  Also just 3mm thick, the Alumic measures 331mm x 272mm and comes standard with gel wrist rest for those afraid of carpel tunnel. At a price point of R400 the Alumic is a great addition to any gaming arsenal.


Roccat Hiro – Glide to supremacy


“Thanks to its exclusive 3D vulcanized silicone surface, mouse gliding on the Hiro is simply amazing: smooth and effortless, yet offering incredible precision. The Hiro easily boosts the speed and control of any mouse to phenomenal levels, providing demanding skirmishers the sure upper hand.”

So the cool feature of the Hiro is that it is comprised of an exclusive vulcanised silicon surface with a complex 3D structure. No this is not Star Trek and no I am not making this stuff up. Vulcanising is an actual chemical process for converting rubber related polymers into more durable materials via the addition of sulphur. Aside from the cool factor, this also gives the mousepad a complete waterproof finish so it is easy to keep clean. The mouse tracking is fast, smooth and very quiet.   

I have not seen the Hiro on our usual online retailers stock lists, but there a few other online retailers stocking this. Prices range from R400 to R500, links to be added as soon as I find a reputable seller I would be happy to refer you to.


Roccat Sense – The warpad sensation strikes again


“The Sense’s ultra-soft cloth construction takes advantage of a highly-calibrated blend of advanced speed, control and ergonomic features, delivering optimal gliding and comfort in a slim, stable and rugged design – a highly-tuned battle mix engineered to deliver out-of-this-world command capability.  And now our engineers have updated the Sense with killer new optics designed to intimidate foes and impress allies like never before – giving serious gamers more reason than ever to come to their Senses and get down to business.”

This mousepad is hybrid of the old-school cloth type pads of old, yet it is thrust into modern day by a specialised microcrystalline coating which has been bonded to an ultra-soft cloth base.

With a diagonal chevron weave in its rubberised backing, this grips perfectly on just about any surface. It is the “thinnest” of all these pads we have covered coming in at just 2mm thick. The generous size of this beast is 400mm x 280mm. They also boast the coolest motif’s or images which of course is always a huge bonus in my books.  

So this by far the coolest looking one of the series is also one of the cheapest, at R197 I might just get one with every motif available. 



Summary of Roccat Mousepads.

It is clear that the Roccat guys are doing something right! They boast the slogan "Set The Rules", well, in my opinion, when it comes to mousepads, they sure do! 

The marriage of cool science with great design in the church of the high build quality has produced a solid breed of mousepad offsping! No wonder that Roccat are quickly becoming a gaming partner of choice for gamers of all breeds. Colour me sold, and my desk is looking pretty cool! 


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