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The Most Funnest Battlefield 3 Fragz

I don’t play Battlefield 3 (BF3) simply because my laptop doesn’t run anything other than Quake Live (at a maximum of 60 frames per second and on the lowest resolution so please understand my pain) but I gave it a bash on console once and it seemed like something that I would find amusing. In celebration of the Clanbase Battlefield 3 XVI Nations Cup for PC, I thought I would spend the morning finding you the coolest BF3 videos on Youtube. Yes, it’s a slow news day at the e-office (JOKES: I’m just dumb).

[Author’s Note: Even though it’s grammatically incorrect, capitalisation of all letters is necessary here because these moments are just too cool.]

1. This Guy Jumping Out A Jet To Blow Up Another Jet

I know that many of you have seen this before, but it deserves a mention because it’s great.

2. Another Guy Sniping A Chopper Using Only A Magnum

Apparently the chopper was rigged with C4 to make super cool and giant explosions, but nonetheless, it’s an impressive shot.


3. This “Funtage” Of “Camping Feggets”

Fegget. LOL.

Nothing beats blowing up a ‘copter thief. They had it coming. Also, the editing in this video is pretty impressive and must be acknowledged.

The most annoying thing about trying to find "epic" frags on Youtube is that every Tom, Dick and Harry Gameboy out there thinks that his fragz are, in fact, the most epic. This is not true as I discovered to my great annoyance. Please deflate your unjustifiably inflated egos and stop that.

These are my videos of the day. Feel free to contribute your own :)

Also, GO TEAM SOUTH AFRICA AND STUFF !!!!11!1!1!111!11 Read about our team's progress:

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