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Gears of War: Judgment's The Guts of Gears Multiplayer Analysis

Yesterday Epic Games released their latest trailer: Gears of War: Judgement Guts of Gears Multiplayer. Now once again, the time has come for the trailer to be broken down into more digestible chunks of information. So without further delay lets roadie run into the beast that is Gears of War: Judgement multiplayer. 

Team Deathmatch is back 

One of the first issues Epic Games addressed, was the public outcry for Team Deathmatch to make a return in Judgement. In the trailer we see the Gears of War developers answering the call, confirming that the game mode would make a return to the Gears of War franchise. Team deathmatch was made popular in Gears of War 3, due to the fact that the mode was hugely accommodating to new players. This mode has become important to the franchise because it allows players to constantly respawn, which in turn allows them to always be apart of the action. This wasn't the case in previous Gears of War titles, where execution was the main mode. In execution players had only one life per round, this was deemed very demanding for the newbie, and Epic claimed that it turned away many potential Gears of War gamers. 

Thus far Gears of War:Judgement has confirmed the following modes, and I believe that these are the only game types we will see on the 22nd of March when the title hits stores world wide:

Game Modes: 

  • Overrun
  • Free For All
  • *Domination 
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Survival Mode (Replacing Horde Mode) 



Domination is one of the new modes to the franchise, and possibly one of the most exciting. It will work towards the same ruleset we have come to expect from any traditional domination map, which usually means three main areas of control. These areas are given a letter to represent their individual points of control, traditionally called areas A, B and C respectively. Domination is looking like the only viable competitive option for clan matches. When it comes to competitive games, we all know the problems associated with team deathmatch, can someone say spawntrap? 


All Grenades 

  • No tagging to walls
  • Has a quick throw option
Frag Grenade 
  • Now is a sticky grenade, when thrown on the opposition it will stick.

Beacon Grenade

  • Allows you to detect the opposition that is in the radius of the grenades effect range
  • Allows you to see opposition through walls in the effect range of the grenade

Stim Grenade

  • Boosts players health that are standing in the area of effect
  • Can also revive downed friendly units



  • Semiautomatic Sniper Rifle
  • 10 Rounds 
  • Medium Range Weapon 

This concludes all the real juicy information out of the latest trailer of Gears of War:Judgement. It seems the developers over at Epic Games have taken a odd approach to their next title.

With a huge decrease in the amount of competitive modes up for play, the game will become less likely to be picked up as a title for clan games in the future. However, that is why I think domination will determine the lifetime of Gears of War:Judgement , due to the fact that competitive clan gaming will rest so heavily upon it.

I am extremely disappointed to see that my favorite game mode, execution, will not be returning to the franchise. However, looking on the brighter side at least there will be no more tagging of grenades. Here is to hoping the the good of Gears of War:Judgement outshine its negative counterpoints.  

What are you expecting from the next Gears of War title? Will you be pre-ordering Judgement ? 

Let us know!

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