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BioShock Infinite and “the flame that shall ignite the world”

In BioShock Infinite, Booker DeWitt can clear his debt by rescuing and then handing over Elizabeth. A girl that looks a lot like Alice from Wonderland, except, this “Alice’s” rabbit hole ride looks to be a jump into hell. Booker soon realizes that Elizabeth isn’t the “Whose come for my lamb?” her captor speaks of, but rather the “Do you fear God? No, but I fear you” type of damsel in distress.

She is the flame that shall ignite the world.


Dare I say that BioShock Infinite looks to be a game that shall ignite the gaming world? The graphics, the story, the characters and the music - the whole package is a showcase of everything we love about video games.

In the words of Ken Levine, the man in charge of Irrational Games, the studio that created BioShock, Infinite, “Nobody has ever built a game quite like this. It’s a shooter, but a shooter that brings you to very uncomfortable and dangerous places. I can’t demand that you play the game; I can promise you, however, that once you have, it will be an experience you won’t soon forget.”

I totally believe him.

When talking about the cost of making BioShock, Infinite, Levine in true Irrational and BioShock humor remarked, “The total cost of the game was five years, 941 billion Klingon darseks (plus tip), 47 camels, a cranberry flan, and the blood, sweat, and tears of the Irrational Team.” He also extended his thanks to us, the patient fans, “When we first announced BioShock Infinite, we made a promise to deliver a game that was very much a BioShock experience, and at the same time something completely different. And our commitment to making good on that promise, no matter what, has been our driving force for the last three years or so. You, the fans, have been incredibly patient with us. You shared your hopes and wishes for the game with us, and you kept the faith.”

It is with great joy and hopeful anticipation that we celebrate with Irrational Games the official gold status of BioShock Infinite. What this means in gaming terms, is that the game “has been approved by both Sony and Microsoft (and the PC Gods, natch) to be sent to the manufacturing guys to load up fleets of trucks with BioShock Infinite and be driven to a store near you on March 26th”, says Levine.

We will be waiting. 

Source: Insider Irrational Games

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Are you a BioShock fan? How do you think BioShock, Infinite will stack up against its predecessors?

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