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Starcraft Universe MMO Launching over

The guys over at Upheaval Arts have just launched their take on a Starcraft-themed massively multiplayer online game (MMO), called surprise surprise, Starcraft Universe. The title is a mod which requires StarCraft 2 to play, and is to be released as a series of maps via


The first release is designed as a prologue as well as being single-player only, called Chronicles of Fate. The reason for the single-player only component, since it is touted as being an MMO, is to make sure all the essential bits and pieces that make this work, work.

"If you're curious why we're only releasing the single-player content, it's because we need to release this project slowly to ensure all of our core systems work properly," the video description reads. "This project is a massive undertaking, which completely alters the way the SC2 engine operates, and we're a very small team without a big QA department. You guys will be our quality assurance!"

Fair enough.


The mod will include eight different classes and character customization. According to its FAQ page, StarCraft Universe was created with the intention of recreating a multiplayer raid battle experience similar to those in World of Warcraft. The mod will eventually include up to five players in a single instance, as well as new monsters, bosses, characters and more. For now, however, the team will continue to release content slowly.

Check out the trailer in our videos section, and if you’re wanting to try this out, search for “Universe” in the Starcraft 2 maps section.

Guess I’m playing some Starcraft Universe shortly!

Thanks to Kotaku, Polygon, and Massively for alerts and sources!

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