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CS:GO Map developer threatened with legal action

Canada gets its first and only Counter Strike map and now the developer, Diego Liatis has been threatened with a $50 000 dollar fine plus court costs. What did he do to get everyone so flustered? The map is a virtual copy of the Montreal Berri-UQAM subway station and apparently the Montreal city transit authorities feel that Diego’s map would cause immense panic among commuters as a result of the fact that terrorists might use the map to learn the layout of the structure. It also seems that for some reason, this public building is now “copy-righted” and cannot be replicated in any form.

Dubious reasoning? Just a little if you ask me.

Liatas applied for permission to recreate the building January, which was denied. But legalities aside, the people involved in building the map said “meh” to all threats and have built the carried on building the map anyway as they feel that they can’t legally be prevented from re-creating a public building. And because it’s still up on Youtube for the time being, if you’re a terrorist you should probably take this chance to check it out and learn the ins and outs of Berri-UQAM because actually going there and riding around on the trains is obviously a waste of time. Playing CS:GO to learn about the subway is far more efficient (and entertaining).

Check out a preview of the map here:

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