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Breaking News: Switzerland uses exploit, SA allocated win in WNT

Yesterday MWEB GameZone ran this article, "Battlefield 3 World Nations Tournament Report: South Africa vs Switzerland." Team Switzerland won the match against South Africa with a final score of 2/1. The win has now been overturned by the World Nations Tournament because Switzerland was caught taking advantage of a glitch.

The general definition of glitching is, "Glitching is an activity in which a person finds and exploits flaws or glitches in video games to achieve something that was not intended by the game designers. Gamers who engage in this practice are known as glitchers. Glitches can help or disable the player."

This was posted on the WNT BF3 Battlelog page:


What is interesting on the thread is the reply from Sir-D12 (Team Switzerland)) "not see the advantage that it has given us... " As you will see from the evidence, Team Swiss used the glitching to bleed over 60 tickets! I caught up with South Africa’s team captain, Ruan "Mr-Beefy_PS" Kraft, to shed some light on the event.

How does glitching work in Battlefield 3?

A glitch is a short-lived fault in a system. It is often used to describe a transient fault that corrects itself and is therefore difficult to troubleshoot.There are many ways to glitch or manipulate the game to your benefit. In Battlefield 3 you can do actions that will benefit your team, which was not intended for in the game, e.g exploiting gameplay faults to your advantage.

How did Team Switzerland use it against your team?

Team Swiss used some sort of LAG or SPAWN PROTECTION GLITCH. Where a person spawned on the flag and he could capture it, while his team could spawn from him. The player could also not be killed, even though numerous bullets were shot at him.

Let's take a look at the glitching in action from Saturday's match


What is the ruling from the WNT organisers over the use of the glitching?

The WTN Rules state that:

Rule: 1.2  - Members will not attempt to manipulate the game or tournament system in an attempt to give any player or team an unearned/unfair advantage.

Rule 1.7 - Cheating/Hacking will not be tolerated. Any team caught cheating will be banned from the tournament immediately (glitching is cheating).

Penalty system used: 1.9  - The following is the penalty system to be used in this tournament. Evidence will be present before any of the following infractions are given: General issues: 1st occurrence: Team/Player Warning 2nd occurrence: Player Suspension 3rd occurrence: Team/Player ban Match Admin Abuse - include breaking competition rules: 1st occurrence: Forfeit of the map 2nd occurrence: Forfeit of the match 3rd occurrence: Ban from tournament (penalty may also be based on the severity of the case)

So the basic after effects of this ruling is that Team Swiss now forfeits the second round, resulting in our team winning the match 2/0.

What has the general BF3 PS3 community's response been to the ruling?

There is quite a mixed bag of emotions from various members on the WNT page. The majority feels that rules are and that Team Swiss deserves the ruling. It could be argued that they didn’t do it on purpose, but the fact remains that they did it in a position to get advantage out of the situation. They also didn’t correct the glitch on the spot, but rather waited for over 60 or even more tickets to drain.

Where does this ruling now place your team in the WNT?

South Africa moves up from 5th to 4th place.

pool C standings.jpg

Contact: PlayStation Battlefield 3 Team / World Nations Tournament

Closing thoughts

Many people struggle to consider eSports a formal sports activity because of the lack of discipline amongst players/teams and the lack of a unified rule set to govern the different games. I am therefore extremely impressed with the WNT organisers for their quick response to the use of this exploit.A world class tournament could be a minefield to administrate, and their handling of the situation shows how the competitive gaming community has grown over the past few years.

What are your views regarding the use of this exploit and do you agree to the WNT’s ruling?

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