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Top Tuesday: Best of the Old-gen Bargain Bin


Just noticed three of my selections all came from SEGA. Weird.

Even though the Wii U came out last year, most people don't consider the eighth generation of gaming as having actually begun yet. And I can see why they would think that, the Wii U is awesome and all, but none of the games released for it so far seem, what's the word, "next-geny". So yeah, most people are keeping their options open until all the players are on the field. Tomorrow we should get the full skinny on the PlayStation Orbis and I'm certain it won't be too long after that before Microsoft lets us know their plans for the Xbox 720.

But until then, we still have our trusty PS3's and Xbox 360's faithfully serving us and there are still 100s of great games available on them that many of you still haven't played. And the best part is that many of those underrated gems can be found in the bargain bin. Here, just off the top of my head, are a few games every gamer should grab while the playing is still good. And of course there are still tons of other awesome games waiting to get snapped up on the cheap, so sound off in the comments.

And we did forget about the Wii, we already a did a bargain bin hunt for it, which you can check out here.

Alpha Protocol

The term 'one of a kind' is an uncommon appellation to apply to a video game, since the industry seems to borrow so much from itself, but I would think Alpha Protocol is a game that deserves it. Its an role-playing game (RPG), which is ridiculous common, I know; but what makes this game different is the setting. Developed by Obsidian from the Fallout: New Vegas fame, Alpha Protocol is an RPG that tackles spy-fiction as its premise, without a hint of fantasy or sci-fi to be found anywhere. No elves, magic swords, space ships or plasma canons. If we changed the name to Jason Bourne RPG no one would object. The game has an engaging plot that branches off dramatically depending on the players choices and it would take multiple playthroughs to see all the content that Obsidian poured into it.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

Putting aside the disaster that was Ninja Gaiden 3, the modern revival of this franchise was the poster child for hard as nails, sadistic gaming, before Demon Souls/Dark Souls came along. And arguably the best example of Ninja Gaiden's torturous, but pure gameplay is this enhanced PS3 version that came out in 2009. The game added new large scale bosses, two extra characters, new weapons and a online co-op mode. The downside was that the game removed the signature gore that came with the Xbox version.


Nier is an action role-playing game, that is also a side-scrolling platformer and a top-down shoot-'em-up. But mostly it's an action RPG. Players take control of Nier, a man on quest to cure his daughter from a disease called the Black Scrawl. As you may have guessed, finding the cure involves kicking the spit out of lots of really bad people... or are they? That's the little twist in Nier. Playing through the game once offers up a fairly generic action RPG tale, but go through it a second or third time and things start becoming very interesting. Suffice it to say, to reveal more would be to enter spoiler territory. It's a journey worth taking I assure, especially now that you can get it so cheap.

Condemned & Condemned 2

Here's a series of games that really didn't get the credit it deserved. Although the game appears to be a first-person shooter (FPS), it most certainly isn't. There are guns in the game, yes, but they are quite rare and operate much more realistically than most gamers would be used to. One shot is more than enough to kill your enemies and ammo is a rare and scarce commodity. Combat is primarily handled via skopping ouens in their moer. I'm sure there is a nicer way to say that, but seriously, that is what you do in this game. Just brutally, brutally beating on guys, with fists, pipes, pieces of wood, spades, whatever you can find really. Aside from the brilliant and unique combat, the games also have very engaging stories that delve into insanity and the darker parts of the human psyche. It's brilliant stuff.

Valkyria Chronicles I, II & III

When we look back at generation seven of the video game consoles, one of the minuses we'll point to is the pervasive use of brown and gray in our games. Which is bloody ironic, considering the tech we are using is capable of displaying more colours than ever before. Valkyria Chronicles will be one of the few games to avoid that criticism. A tactical RPG presented in a beautiful cell-shaded anime aesthetic, Valkyria Chronicles and its sequels, are arguably some of the best looking games currently available. Fortunately, the games are more than a pretty face offering up an absorbing and thoughtful turn-based style of gameplay, something rarely seen nowadays. Where most games tend to be twitch-based, quick-reflexes type games, Valyria Chronicles asked player to slow down and think about what they are going to do next. If nothing else, the games gives players a new way to play... even though its actually an old way to play. You know what I mean.

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