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The pros and cons of having many naked ladies in videogames

One thing I’ve been noticing throughout my somewhat lackadaisical gaming career is the lack of “sexy” male characters. To be fair, I suppose that “sexy” is probably a subjective topic but at the same time it’s difficult not to notice that there are an inordinately large amount of female videogame characters that are running around almost popping out of their contoured body suits, or bikinis as the case may be. And in all honesty, I find this pretty annoying, yet somehow I have managed to concoct a series of arguments that somehow justify this really lame practice.

Guys get this:


Girls get Kylie Minogue in drag:


Pro: I realise that men don’t have boobs and so can’t “pop” in the aforementioned manner and that they have certain anatomical details that would probably look awful when wrapped in skin-tight leather.

Con: No con here, the above is just plain truth.

Pro: Most gamers are male and apparently driven by their hormones/lusty appetites and nothing else, meaning that if a developer wants to sell any games there probably should be some sort of sex involved in the plot (it can even be the entire plot if you so wish).

Con: It seems we’re encouraging stupidity by appealing to the baser, more caveman-like instincts of the masses. Does the fact that we have a pre-frontal cortex mean nothing to you?!

Pro: Skin-tight body suits are more aerodynamic and thus more ergonomic and suited to the pastime of ass-kicking. Ginourmous boobs may act as a rudder for steering when in mid-air due to the addition of breast physics which makes them sway from left to right/forwards and backwards etc.

Con: No con, this is science.

Basically what we have seen here is that even though I find the over-sexualisation of female game characters incredibly sexist, we can’t deny the fact that there are more pros than cons to this argument, so you can safely and without guilt discard my arguments (if you hadn’t already done that based on the fact that I am one of those whiny feminist types who doesn’t shave her legs). So I’m going to justify it thus, even though, really it’s clutching at straws:

You know how Halloween is the one time a year every girl gets to dress like a complete slut and nobody gets to say anything because it’s technically a costume even though it’s a puff of chiffon and some cat ears?

This is the same thing, except with a virtual body or something. I guess.


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