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Retro Monday: Evolution of the Playstation


I had a bit of a power outage on Friday in my part of the world which left me with no internet access and you guys without a Retro Friday. So because I feel bad about letting the entire internet down, I thought I'd throw out a short Retro Monday to make up for it. Also my boss is mean, scolded me, sprayed water in face, beat me with a rolled up newspaper and put me in the naughty corner for the whole weekend. That really happened and I never made any of it up. Serious.


So, anyway. Just two more sleeps until Sony lifts the lid on their new PlayStation Orbis and in the run up to that announcement, they've produced three new videos documenting the rise and rise and slight dip of the PlayStation brand. It's pretty interesting stuff, if unsurprisingly biased.

Sony's triumphant entry into the video game market in 1994 was unexpected, especially when considering the rock solid position that Nintendo and Sega had coming off the successes of their SNES and Megadrive consoles, respectively. That a completely new player, with no experience at all in the industry could hit it so completely out of the park was beyond anyone's predictions.

Since its debut, PlayStation has become a euphemism for playing video games and come this Wednesday, Sony hopes to carry on this legacy its built over the last 19 years. So brush up on your history as you prepare for the next generation of PlayStation.

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